Fulfillment By Amazon 2017 Updates

Now, FBA Business is becoming extremely popular. The number of Amazon sellers doing business under the FBA business increases annually. Therefore, it is important for them to keep up-to-date with any FBA new and recent changes. These include the following: Changes in Fulfillment Fees Fulfillment fees in United States are being adjusted. According to Amazon, […]

How Organic Amazon Rankings Can Affect FBA Inventory

Does running low on inventory on FBA affect your keyword rankings? It’s a common concern for all FBA sellers. Even more feared is the impact of completely running out of stock. Here I will lay out some of the negative impacts on keyword rankings – both from running low on inventory to being completely out-of-stock. […]

Avoid Paying FBA Long-Term Storage Fees

FBA long-term charges are sometimes stressful to pay. Therefore, you should adopt some strategies to reduce these charges to the minimal amounts. The following are some of the mechanisms that will help you reduce your FBA fees. Price Strategies One month before Amazon starts the extended storage date, you should go through your inventory and […]

Amazon FBA Sales – Lessons Learned

Amazon FBA program is a great platform for selling products on a large scale. If done right, a person can become a full-time seller with promising returns to look forward to. But the lack of a good selling plan can make selling on this platform a regrettable idea. There are challenges to expect in the […]

How to Prevent Amazon Account Suspension

Amazon helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to market their goods by providing ready access to a large customer market. To register and access the market, there are myriad rules and agreements to bind to. This is done to protect the reputation of Amazon and maintain a satisfied customer base. Failure to these performance expectations will […]