Get to Know the Amazon FBA New Selection Program

FBA New Selection Program

For a limited time, qualified sellers will get to try out a few FBA options completely free, including: free monthly storage, free product removals, and free return processing for new-to-FBA parent ASINs. These eligible sellers will also benefit from waived storage and removal fees while having a low-risk option to stock new products in Amazon fulfillment centers. With this new addition to FBA, brands and sellers now have more incentive to try Fulfillment by Amazon while they focus on promoting and building their businesses.

What is FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon, commonly referred to as FBA, is a program offered by Amazon to third-party sellers to help them automate and simplify the shipping process of goods to their customers. Sellers who are enrolled in FBA send their products directly to the Amazon warehouse where they will be stored until they are purchased by customers. With your products now stored in their warehouse pre-sale, Amazon is responsible for just about everything that comes next, from packing orders, shipping, processing returns, and handling refunds. FBA streamlines the order fulfillment process and distribution logistics, which lets you as a seller spend more time towards efforts to grow your business. Check out our blog on how to maximize Amazon FBA in 2021.

Introducing the Amazon FBA New Selection

Professional sellers with an IPI (Inventory Performance Index) score of 400 and above may apply for the program. However, if you’re new to FBA you can still apply even if you have not been assigned an IPI yet, so this could be a great opportunity for anyone considering selling with FBA. You can check the full eligibility requirements to see if you qualify.

According to Amazon, sellers will be able to receive the following benefits:

  • Free monthly storage and removals for standard sized and oversized ASINs
  • Additional benefits for apparel and shoes
  • New FBA sellers get $200 in sponsored ads, promotional clicks, and free campaign creation
  • Amazon will waive the first $100 charge for Amazon partnered carrier shipping for new FBA sellers

Sellers can send in as many units as they like, however there is a limit to how many items qualify to receive the waiver. Only the first 50 units of each eligible standard sized ASIN and 30 units of each eligible oversized ASIN will have their fees waived.

The program is free to join for all eligible users and new-to-FBA users. If you qualify, you should definitely take advantage of this newly launched program, and make use of the free storage and removals to test a small batch of new products in the market. It’s the safest option for new sellers who want to gauge how customers would react to their products, while giving you insight into what steps to take moving forward. The $100 advertising credit can also go a long way in helping new FBA sellers with product launches. 

The End of Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Earlier in 2021, Amazon announced the end of its Early Reviewer Program. This program gave incentives to customers who provided honest reviews, and in turn, the sellers gained early reviews of their new products. 

Sellers could choose which products they wanted to enroll in the program, with each costing $60 per SKU and sellers charged either once they received one review or if one year had passed, whichever came first. Amazon then randomly selected customers that had previously purchased the product to leave authentic reviews, ranging from the standard 1-star up to 5-stars. In return, the reviewers received an Amazon Gift Card worth $1-$3.

However, the program is not always beneficial for new sellers. Product reviews (especially good ones) and seller feedback are essential when launching a new product or introducing a new seller to the marketplace, but the pricey $60 fee is not cost-effective. There’s also no guarantee that all the feedback will be positive or will be received right away. Instead, One Tap Reviews and Global Review Sharing are good alternatives that provide authentic reviews.

Another option is a software-specific aid to automate the whole process of getting you the reviews you need quickly. The SellerMobile Request for Reviews Chrome extension allows you to send hundreds of Amazon-approved review requests at the push of a button, and on top of that, you can also set how frequently you want the system to check for eligible reviews and send requests immediately. That’s just one of the features SellerMobile offers to help you streamline your Amazon FBA business, so start your 14-day free trial and enjoy the benefits of an all-in-one Amazon seller software. It’s a more secure and efficient alternative to manually scrolling through Amazon Seller Central requesting reviews individually.


The Amazon FBA New Selection program provides qualified sellers a low-risk way to launch new products, with lots of freebies included. It also entices new sellers to join Amazon FBA by giving them a taste of what the Amazon fulfillment centers are like. With delivery logistics under control by Amazon themselves, smaller businesses and new sellers can really focus on promoting their brand and scaling their business on the platform.

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