By Guest Contributor: Lindsey Weiss

It seems like every other week a major corporation or organization is targeted by a data breach. But corporate CEOs aren’t the only ones who need to be worried about information security because the majority of online attacks actually target small businesses. So if you own a smaller company, here are some essential steps you need to take to keep your business protected.

Stay Connected to IT Professionals

Managing internet security in this age takes expertise and experience. You can hire a network security specialist to help protect your network. Another option is to find a hacker to attempt to penetrate your network to test its security so you know its weaknesses. You can hire ethical hackers through online job boards like Upwork.

If you do not have a dedicated IT specialist on your payroll, you may need a professional tech support service to help out with internet security tasks like recovering data after a breach or helping to set up security parameters for your small business. Data recovery experts can be especially helpful to have in your contact list, since you may need these sort of consultants to get your business operating again after a successful cyberattack. Without this sort of support, you could lose valuable productivity hours, or you could even lose your business.

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