Amazon sellers will have to face unique challenges in 2022 while enjoying Amazon’s expanded list of resources and features aimed at improving the selling and buying experience. The pandemic continues to wreak havoc on supply chains across the world and there is little to suggest these issues will slow in 2022. The most successful Amazon sellers will adapt to these changing conditions. 

In light of those challenges, sellers will have to modify where they source their products. On the upside, Amazon is increasing its features to aid sellers in their journey. Features such as Amazon Live and Amazon Attribution grants sellers access to a more direct way to connect with their consumers. Though there are some potential challenges ahead for sellers, there are plenty of ways for them to respond to the changing landscape. 

One of those methods is to incorporate the right software tools in your business infrastructure. At SellerMobile, we have a full-suite of tools that ensure your business stays ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing Amazon marketplace. With seller tools that provide inventory analysis, profit and cost analysis, and automated repricing, you can launch into 2022 with confidence with Seller Mobile. 

Explore the Benefits of Locally-Sourced Vendors 

Supply chain issues are expected to continue well into 2022 with no signs of the pandemic stopping anytime soon. Because of the strain on the supply chain, Amazon sellers will do well to shift their focus to more locally-sourced products and vendors. 

In the US, sourcing materials will cost more per unit to maintain inventory. However, Amazon sellers who source their products within their immediate area will experience shorter shipping times. Sellers should also look intercontinentally for their products – manufacturers in Canada or Mexico might offer cheaper and potentially higher quality products. 

On the consumer side, people might look to their own backyard for buying opportunities because of increased product costs in countries such as China. Resellers should be aware of the potential to maximize profits using locally-sourced products. 

Sourcing from the US poses its challenges compared to sourcing from countries such as China. Alibaba makes it simple to find a supplier in China. Sourcing from the US takes more research. Notwithstanding, finding a reliable source in the US will be more