If you have been selling online and just set foot on the Amazon marketplace, you will likely notice that this platform provides a very different selling experience compared to other e-Commerce platforms. Amazon implements very strict policies and outlines in Amazon Seller Central the best practices new sellers and seasoned retailers should follow to avoid any mishaps in managing a store on Amazon.

If you are just starting out, we suggest that you steer clear from these common pitfalls to avoid possible account suspension.

Five most common Amazon seller mistakes

Amazon Seller Mistake 1: Weak Amazon Account Setup and Management

Setting up an account on Amazon is fairly easy – managing it properly and in accordance with Amazon’s policies might prove otherwise. Amazon aims to keep its focus on the customer shopping experience, and sad to say, sellers do not get that same level of attention the platform gives to potential buyers.

Usual Amazon seller mistakes in terms of account creation include: creating multiple seller accounts, linking your account to another seller account, forgoing the fundamental difference of Amazon to other platforms and managing it in the same manner as the others, and pointing Amazon shoppers to visit another online