It is no secret that the impact of coronavirus on supply chains has been drastic, hurting a lot of businesses – big and small – worldwide, especially those who depend on China for sourcing. With Chinese workers forced to stay at home for extended periods of time, productions in factories are hold off, resulting into product shortages and shipment delays. In fact, thousands of Amazon sellers are struggling to source items into the country, as CNBC reports.

Although it is hard to predict when the disruptions over supply chains will end, there are some things Amazon sellers can do to keep up with the changing times brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

7 Practical Tips for Amazon Sellers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Turn off Amazon Advertising

If you are running Amazon ads, it would be best to turn off promotions for your items that are out of stock. Likewise, turn off any ads you have for non-essential items. This is because Amazon has frozen non-essential FBA shipments from its third-party sellers so it can prioritize the high demand for basic necessities – such as food, medical supplies and household goods. Track your own spend and make sure you are not throwing away money promoting items that are not even available.

At the same time, cut back on discounts or raise your prices. It is