Investing in the best analytics software is a key element in order to thrive as an Amazon seller.

That’s because in Amazon’s Sample competition it’s almost impossible to have an advantage over your rivals with manual inventory management and blind strategies. Understanding your business by closely monitoring your profits and losses, ROI and other crucial metrics is an absolute must for an aspiring Amazon seller. 

There are many sales analytics tools in the market you can choose from. However, you need the best tools for the best results. That’s why we have cherry-picked the most comprehensive tools that will help you maximize your sales and boost conversions. 
But don’t worry! In this article we have discussed 10 of the top Amazon analytics tools. Make use of these Amazon statistics for sellers to advance your company.



Website: sellermobile.com

Starting Price: $59.99

Mobile Apps: for iOS, for Android

SellerMobile is one of the most reliable Amazon analytics tools used by over 30,000 Amazon sellers that assists with sales reports, punctual restocking, automatic repricing, and other tasks.

Some of the more prominent SellerMobile features include:

Seller Analytics

This feature allows you to monitor every aspect of your Amazon business and track your progress over time. Through this, you can track your sales, profits and costs in a single platform and extract meaningful insights to refine your sales strategies. You can also determine your product pricing movements, converge views of costs and FBA fees on one screen, and observe directions between revenue and costs. In effect, you can analyze your ROI and notice how product price, Amazon fees, and item costs are prevalent in your profit.

SellerMobile Seller Analytics

Analytics for Inventory

This feature from SellerMobile allows you to track levels of inventory and FBA shipments, as well as obtain synched storage information from various distribution channels. With integrated data from Seller Central, you can keep track of your inventory levels, deliveries, sales, and orders in this Amazon seller analytics tool.

SellerMobile Analytics for Inventory

Take your time to analyze past lost sales and inventory levels. This will, in time, ensure that similar errors do not reoccur. Moving forward, you can see estimated lost revenue and profit established on inventory shortage.

Moreover, with this particular feature, you can observe your inventory and determine long-term fees that concern your profit. Check in on your asset value through multiple channels and monitor inventory liquidation reports.

Amazon Repricer

With this component, you can easily enhance consumer value perception, gain visibility, and improve your sales ranking. Learn from your pricing history and take the opportunity to reprice your inventory at hand. This will, in turn, push more traffic toward your Amazon products by setting you above the competition. As one of the most reliable and advanced Amazon analytics tools, SellerMobile supports flexible repricing strategies to best work with your books and adjust your competition.

SellerMobile Amazon Repricer



Website:  https://www.accelerlist.com

Starting Price: $34

Mobile Apps: None

AccelerList is an easy-to-use Amazon listing software that works with Bulk, Private, and Live Listing workflows. 

The dynamic display of merchant and FBA prices with the Keepa charts gives Amazon sellers a clear picture of where and how to price their items. You can also access Marketplace reports and inventory health analytics.

Accelerlist obtains the most recent Amazon pricing data from their API, as well as other critical data points for success. You can keep profits high by automatically setting your minimum ROI prices. 

Get instant business reports and sales data to help you make decisions when you need them. AccelerList provides you with fresh Amazon analytics data, such as the exact price of a product’s Buy Box. 

The software quickly provides you with clear profits and analytics. You can upload your perplexing Amazon sales reports and instantly gain clarity and insight. Get the simple profit and loss statements and one-page income statements that your CPA requires.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker

Website:  https://www.amztrackers.com/index_en.php

Starting Price: $50

Mobile Apps: None

AMZ Tracker is an Amazon Seller Offense and Defense software. It allows you to track your competitors’ products and see when they make changes, which helps you understand your product ranking. 

You can also receive notifications for negative reviews and hijacking attempts. AMZ Tracker also includes a Super URL feature that allows you to direct social media users to your products for marketing purposes. 

AMZ Tracker can assist your Amazon FBA products in quickly reaching the first page of search results in your market.You can use Keyword Tracking software to see how your products are ranking for important keywords. It also allows you to track your competitors’ products so you can monitor their successful change. 

Increase your conversion rates by quickly identifying what is causing your conversion rate to drop and correcting it before your sales suffer. 

On Amazon, hijackers can be a nightmare. So unlike other Amazon analytics tools, AMZ Tracker sends you an alert when a seller attempts to hijack your listing and easily reclaim it before they gather critical information about your product and market.



Website: https://helloprofit.com/ref/315/

Starting Price: $97

Mobile Apps: None

HelloProfit is a CRM and business intelligence software in one. It contains six powerful tools that will aid any Amazon seller’s business operations. Its comprehensive Merchant Dashboard can integrate sales data from multiple seller accounts and even countries. 

You can aggregate your product performance using the Product Dashboard tool, and you can find opportunities based on your performance using the PPC Manager. The Customer and Orders CRM integrates well with the Payout Reporting system to provide more information about your customers’ purchasing habits, while profits are tracked by ASIN and SKU. 

HelloProfit offers a comprehensive set of Amazon Seller analytics that will give you complete control over your FBA business.

You can get live sales updates and monitor your sales statistics, product ranking, and profit from anywhere using HelloProfit’s analytics technology. 

Get simple-to-understand visual payout reporting. You can understand and analyze your Amazon business’s financials with clear, organized reports.

By grouping your products, you can easily measure individual product growth or view aggregate statistics. You can, for example, customize by one product or choose to see only FBM products. 

Monitor your sales rank to see how far your marketing efforts have progressed. HelloProfit provides a detailed breakdown to help you quickly identify transaction types by SKU.



Website:  https://web.putler.com/#!/signup

Starting Price: $20

Mobile Apps: None

Putler is an Amazon multi channel analytics and insight tool. It allows you to consolidate data from one or more Amazon stores into a single location. Putler collects all of the data, processes it, and displays detailed reports on Products, Customers, Orders, and Subscriptions. In addition to reports, Putler offers marketing tools such as forecasting, goal tracking, segmentation, filtering, performance comparison, and much more. 



Website: https://sellerboard.com

Starting Price: $15

Mobile Apps: for iOS, for Android

SellerBoard provides numerous tools to help you maximize your selling potential and profits. 

Using the PPC Dashboard, you can evaluate the profitability of your PPC campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. The Cash flow tool helps you manage your expenses and plan your available cash by using forecasts. The Profit and Loss View feature can display data on all relevant parameters, such as sales, shipping, and refunds. 

Their Live Dashboard provides detailed information on Amazon fees, PPC spends, return costs, and other expenses. All of their charts can be customized and filtered by marketplace or product. 

SellerBoard can provide you with the precise key analytics you require to save time and increase your Amazon profits.

You can use the product breakdown feature in your Amazon business to get exact detailed analytics on any product and for any time period. View the actual sales, profit, fees, and expenses for each product. 

The PPC dashboard monitors the profitability of your ads to assist you in optimizing bids and achieving your target profitability for any of your Amazon products. 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

Website:   https://www.junglescout.com

Starting Price: $29

Mobile Apps: None

Jungle Scout is your one-stop shop for selling on Amazon.

Product Tracker is a comprehensive solution for tracking the performance of a group of products over time. Monitor sales to identify viable opportunities and develop an Amazon success strategy. You can easily organize, group, and compare product ideas and sales metrics, allowing you to confidently choose your next Amazon product to sell. Its features include real-time sales tracking, product organization, key metric monitoring, and exporting your product tracker. 

Jungle Scout also includes a Rank Tracker, which allows you to monitor keyword performance over time. You can see the keyword rank history for multiple keywords at once.



Website: https://www.sellerapp.com

Starting Price: $0

Mobile Apps: None

SellerApp brings together all of the Amazon tools you need for Sales, Marketing, and Operations in one place. It assists you in discovering the best products with the highest profits, flags negative search terms, and mines for converting words automatically to optimize your listing. 

You can use the Profit Dashboard to track your sales and inventory, and you can also use it as a Chrome extension to stay with you as you browse products. They also provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

SellerApp can help you find the detailed analytics you need to rev up your Amazon optimization, from finding popular product ideas to pulling high-quality keywords and creating advanced high-converting listings.

To identify the most popular Amazon products, you can use advanced product intelligence software. Obtain insightful analytics to identify only high-potential, low-competition products and niches. 

You can track the performance of your keywords using Amazon’s keyword tracker feature. You can easily determine your listing’s rank for a specific keyword and optimize your listing by focusing on profitable keywords. Increase your profit and inventory health by using the Amazon profit dashboard.

You can also monitor key business metrics like sales, profits, and inventory to gain actionable insights and analytics for your Amazon business.



Website: https://datahawk.co

Starting Price: $15

Mobile Apps: None

DataHawk is one of those Amazon analytics tools that help Amazon sellers, vendors, and agencies increase sales, optimize margins, increase productivity, and gain insights. It is an all-in-one solution for working on SEO, monitoring ASINs Data, conducting Market Research, and running Sales Reporting. 

DataHawk SEO offers a variety of Amazon keyword tools, including Amazon Keyword Tracker, which allows you to improve your Amazon keyword rankings and compare your performance to your competitors. 

Unlike other Amazon analytics tools, this one features includes a powerful Amazon ASIN Tracker to daily access your ASINs data such as BSR, price, ratings, product listing detail. It also creates advanced alerts for any product on Amazon.



Website: https://managebystats.com/signup-brock

Starting Price: $15

Mobile Apps: None

The ManageByStats software suite for Amazon sellers can help you get more reviews, save time, and make more money. Their comprehensive tool set includes a profit dashboard with stats and graphs, transaction and inventory analytics, and much more. 

The software allows you to see exactly what is going on with your Amazon traffic, conversion rates, and other key metrics in your Amazon business. These particular graphs and analytics can help you visually identify trends in your Amazon business. Leading to informed decision-making that will help you increase sales and profits.


Instilling an analytical tool is essential if your Amazon business sells more than two or three things. 

A small number of goods can still be manually analyzed. But, managing the analytics on your own gets challenging if you sell more than two or three things on Amazon. With this, making decisions more quickly and profitably in the long term will be made possible by adding Amazon analytics tools to explore your Amazon business.

So, wait no longer and integrate an advanced sales analytics feature to your Amazon selling strategies. The results will pay off!