The Best Amazon Seller Tools and Why You Need Them 

Amazon Seller Tools

This article discusses the most critical tools for Amazon sellers. Whether you need inventory analytics, repricing tools, profit and cost analysis, or increased forecasting and reporting, these tools will help you carve out a piece of the Amazon pie. 

At Seller Mobile, we’re committed to making your selling experience easier and more rewarding. We understand how lucrative Amazon can be, but we’re also familiar with this highly competitive environment. That’s why we develop tools that simplify the selling process and make it easier to outperform your competitors. Continue reading to learn about the Amazon seller tools that can take you to the top. 

What Are Amazon Seller Tools? 

Amazon tools make becoming an Amazon seller profitable. Without them, the details get left to chance, which is never a good way to approach selling your products. These tools tell you everything you need to know about your products, markets, pricing, and inventory so that you can start a legitimate business. 

Why Are Amazon Seller Tools Important?

Amazon seller tools guide you through the Amazon selling experience. They ensure you identify the right niche markets, use compelling product descriptions, choose in-demand/low competition products, and keep the ideal inventory. 

Without Amazon seller tools, you’re floating in the digital breeze, throwing darts at the wall blindfolded. 

How Do I Find Profitable Items on Amazon?

Finding profitable products to sell on Amazon doesn’t have to be rocket science. It’s simple. Browse a category’s bestseller list to identify the demand for products. Then look for products with low competition rates. Contact the supplier, and once you have permission from them, you can start selling. 

Additionally, there are tools on the market aimed specifically at product research and scouting. These tools add additional value to your product search, helping you find the best products for your seller profile. 

Product Research and Scouting 

We no longer live in the age of brick and mortar stores. Nowadays, you have a much larger customer base than in the days of old retail. You can ship your products anywhere in the country and the national population is your market.

However, because there are so many Amazon sellers and competition is high, you need to find niche markets to sell your products. Additionally, your supplier sources aren’t restricted to your local area. Product hunting tools can help you determine the best products for your preferences and identify viable niche markets for these products. 

Tools such as Seller Mobile’s Customer Analysis, Brand and Supplier Analysis, Global Sales Dashboard, and Advanced Notification Dashboard fall under Product Research and Scouting. 

Profit and Cost Analytics

Profit and cost analytics implement fail-safes to ensure profit returns on your products. These tools help you visualize every cost you incur along the seller’s journey. From fees, PPC spending, shipping, and product costs. 

These tools pair well with additional cost analysis tools such as Seller Mobile’s Lost profits tool. 

Repricing Tools 

Repricing software utilizes data to improve your pricing strategy while accounting for your competitors’ prices. This data gives insight into when you should increase your pricing during quiet periods or when a competitor goes out of stock. 

Repricing tools are an essential component to winning the buy box. 83% of all sales carried out on Amazon occur from the buy box. These tools reveal updated price changes in the marketplace and help you gain a competitive edge over your competition.

Seller Mobile has an automated repricing tool that lets you coast to victory over your opponents instead of racing to the bottom of each page researching.  

Seller Reviews and Feedback Tools

Seller reviews and feedback are an integral part of your relationship with your customers. Seller review and feedback software helps you simplify the process and boost your rankings through automated email campaigns. 

With our seller Feedback Automation tool, you can either choose from email campaign templates or tailor these email campaigns to fit your brand. Simply schedule the emails and evaluate performance from the feedback dashboard. 

Customer Support 

Yes, Amazon handles much of the customer support when using FBA. However, the more feedback you receive from your customers, the more tailored you can be to their needs. Customer support tools such as those contained in Seller Mobile’s Feedback Automation tool give sellers access to more customer data, allowing you to customize their experience with you more than your competitors. 

Forecasting and Reporting 

You can’t forecast and create future projections without the necessary data. Whether you need KPIs for restocking information, inventory management analysis, profit and cost analysis, customer analysis, or advanced analytics, Seller Mobile’s tools can help you pragmatically respond to changing trends. 

Sourcing Inventory 

Growing competitors make managing inventory on Amazon somewhat tricky. These tools simplify tracking stock levels across multiple sites and warehouses, including Amazon FBA. With Inventory analysis, you can create FBA restock plans and streamline inventory overall. 

Advertising and PPC

Advertising isn’t just for Private Label Sellers. Wholesale sellers can utilize these tools to their advantage as well. These tools help you focus your ad campaign to ensure you get the most out of advertising spending. 

Advertising and PPC tracking tools use CTR (click-through-rate) and conversion rates to track your ads’ success and eliminate drains on your spending. Additionally, you can compare your ACoS (advertising cost of sale) and your CTR, revealing the best-performing campaigns. 

Refunds and Reimbursements

If you’re operating through Amazon FBA, you won’t have to handle refunds and reimbursements. However, if you’re running customer interactions by yourself, these tasks come with the territory. Inventory gets lost and damaged- it’s unavoidable. The problem is, all of these mishaps interrupt your normal business flow. Thank God for automated refund and reimbursement tools. 

These tools let Amazon sellers focus on their core business principles without shifting efforts every time something hiccups. Automating processes such as these is an invaluable tool to have. Obviously, you don’t want operations to break down, and you don’t want to depend on automation to fix everything. But you don’t want one example of lost inventory to derail your day, either. That’s why Refunds and Reimbursements are so critical. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research tools optimize your listings to ensure you attract the right customers. They reveal which keywords to target and which to avoid, increasing the probability you achieve success. 

Why Is the Buy Box Important for Amazon Sellers?

There are two primary reasons sellers should concern themselves with winning the Buy Box. The first is obvious: owning the Buy Box increases the chances of making sales. It is the first call to action shoppers see, and thus, an effective way to garner their attention. 

Another reason you want to own the Buy Box is that you can create Amazon PPC ads. These ads let sellers bid on clicks for specific keywords, and sellers who control the Buy Box can create sponsored listings for the product through Amazon PPC. If you don’t own the Buy Box, you can’t advertise the product, even if it’s your listing. 

Conclusion- What Are the Best Amazon Seller Tools?

Amazon seller tools are one of the most critical aspects of successful Amazon salesmanship. You can use these tools at every stage of the customer funnel, attracting customers with enticing, keyword-rich descriptions, owning your Buy Box, automating refunds and reimbursements, and utilizing key data points for future projections. 

Seller Mobile is your one-stop-shop for all of your Amazon seller tools. From inventory analytics to repricing tools, we make sure you get the most out of your products. Don’t leave the Amazon seller journey up to chance. 

Register today and start accessing the critical tools you need to attract more customers. 

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