Increase your reaction time and stay on top of important changes with powerful software in the palm of your hand

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, making timely decisions is crucial to keeping one step ahead of the competition. That’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge mobile app that gives you access to the full suite of SellerMobile’s tools, even when you’re on the go. Monitor your products’ performance, get order alerts when you make a new sale, track inbound FBA shipments and more. 

How a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business

Even thriving sellers can lose out on profits if they aren’t able to make decisions on a moment’s notice. Just because you’re away from your computer doesn’t mean the market will wait for you. With a mobile app like SellerMobile’s, you’ll never get caught out of the loop. See how your sales trends change throughout the day, respond quickly to negative reviews and get real-time automated repricer suggestions to win the Buy Box from competitors that are too slow to respond. What separates good sellers from great sellers is that great sellers don’t hesitate. 

Is the Amazon App Enough?

What about Amazon’s own mobile app for sellers? As anyone who’s used their app can attest, Amazon only offers sellers limited data and tools. For one, you can only access month-to-day and seven-day trends. This isn’t nearly enough to have a firm grip on a fluid marketplace. With SellerMobile, you get daily reports as well as sales summaries that reach as far back as two years. 

Amazon can also cost you sales by demoting your listings or changing your product dimensions, all without ever letting you know. Our app is designed to supply up-to-date product information and provide instant alerts as soon as your listings change or products’ performance dips. 

The Amazon mobile app, as many already know, is difficult to navigate and even harder to read at a glance. We’ve solved this problem by consolidating our analytic