Amazon Brand Registry Benefits & Setup


To excel in the Amazon marketplace today, you need more than just some good product ideas. As your online store grows, you’ll need to think about ways to effectively grow and protect your brand while optimizing your product listing.

Brand Registry can help you unlock powerful features that protect your brand & create a confident, trustworthy presence on Amazon that can boost consumer experience & sales!

What is Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is an Amazon program designed to give brand owners complete control over their brands in order to create a positive customer experience.

Enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry service allows you to build and protect your online brand with an innovative suite of tools that will create a better user experience for your customers.

Here’s a look at what Amazon Brand Registry can do for your Amazon store:

·  A+ content helps you to effectively and creatively tell your story to increase traffic and sales.

·  Grow brand awareness with branded ads.

·  Promote your brand and products on Amazon.

·  Access Amazon brand analytics to help you make informed and strategic decisions.

·  Protect your brand by managing your product listings and proactively removing inaccurate or infringing content.

·  Report violations.

Currently, Amazon protects over 350,000 through its Amazon Brand registry program. If you want to grow and protect your brand on Amazon and optimize your individual seller account, you should look into the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry.

The Benefits of Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry offers access to powerful tools to help you accurately represent your brand, discover and file violations, and share statistics to proactively prevent violations.

According to Amazon, a substantial number of global brands with Amazon brand registration are reporting significantly fewer suspected infringements.

With Brand Registry, providing more information about your brand helps reduce potential infringement or inaccurate content, creating an improved brand experience.

Let’s dig deeper into some benefits that every Amazon seller should know.

  • Accurate Brand Representation – Brand Registry offers you more control over Amazon product pages that use your brand name, so customers are more likely to see the proper information related to your brand
  • Stronger Search and Report Tools – Simplify the method of locating cases of potential infringement with custom functions designed particularly for manufacturers:
    • Bulk ASIN search – search for a list of ASINs or product URLs to discover and report potentially infringing content
    • Image search – locate product listings on Amazon that match your product(s) or logo(s) using pictures
    • Global search – search for content material in special Amazon shops from the same display screen without ever having to navigate away
    • Once you complete your search, Brand Registry gives you guided workflows so you can report potential infringement so Amazon can evaluate and take suitable action
  • Additional Brand Protection – In addition to Amazon’s standard proactive measures to guard customers, Brand Registry uses records that you provide about your brand to provide extra predictive protections to identify and get rid of potentially bad listings. The more information you give about your brand and its intellectual property, the more they can protect your brand, including:
    • Product listings that you do not own, but incorrectly use your trademarked terms in their titles
    • Photos that include your  logo, but represent products that don’t convey your brand name
    • Sellers shipping products from international locations in which you do not manufacture or distribute your brand
  • Benefits through Brand Tools – Build and develop your business on Amazon by taking advantage of tools like improved brand content, stores, sponsored brands, and the brand Dashboard

With all of this knowledge, many Amazon sellers say that Brand Registry has remarkable benefits and helps to protect their listings and sales.  So now, let’s walk through the simple steps to set up your brand on Amazon.

How Can I Enroll My Brand?

To begin your Amazon Brand registry login, you currently have to meet certain eligibility requirements:

  1. Your brand name needs to have an active registered trademark – the registered trademark for your brand has to appear in your products or packaging
  2. Associated government-registered trademark number – Amazon currently only accepts trademarks that have been issued through government trademark offices within the United States of America, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the EU Union, and the United Arab Emirates. For more information, you can review country-specific requirements here.
  3. A list of product categories where the brand will be listed.
  4. A list of countries where the brand’s products are produced and distributed.

The important thing in this process is having a trademark. In the past, many sellers selling in Amazon US thought they might only get a Brand Registry with a US trademark, which could take time. This is no longer the case.

If you want to get your Brand Registry in just two weeks, you can use Amazon’s “IP Accelerator” program. This is an Amazon partnered law firm that helps process your trademark.

Step-by-Step Brand Registry Setup

  1. Review eligibility requirements
    • There are 3 eligibility questions for which you need to select “yes” or “no” when you log in to begin enrollment
    • One asks if you have a brand government-approved trademark, along with the trademark registration / serial number
    • Two asks if “your products and packing have a permanently affixed brand name and logo;” you’ll be asked to upload images of your product, packaging, and logo as a part of this step
    • Three asks if “you intend to enroll more than 10 brands in the Brand Registry”
  2. Sign into Amazon Brand Registry
  3. Enroll your brand

What’s Next?

Now that you already have a brand, you might ask “What’s next? Protect it, of course!  There is also a lot of third-party software available to help you attain your goals as a top Amazon seller.

Protect Your Brand Against Competitors & Hijackers

In the Amazon competitors tool, you can compare your offers against your competition & discover hijackers. It’s hard to continuously check listings for hijackers.

Always Get Notified! Respond Quickly With Product & Account Alerts

When a hijacker is identified, you should take immediate action to report the seller to Amazon. On the other hand, our Amazon seller software has already identified who to email and what details need to be in the email. You can use their hijacker reporting templates so you’re ready when a risk is detected.

Get emails and SMS alerts when there’s a change on your Amazon listings or to one of your products. Detect hijackers & keep an eye on vital Amazon business metrics.

It’s always convenient when you have notifications to remind you of things that may, otherwise, slip your mind. So, SellerMobile will keep you organized.

Hijacker Notifications
Alerts Notifications Tool to help identify hijackers on your brand

Analyze Your Brand with the Amazon Seller App

Track down your orders, margins, sales, profits, stocks, and your account’s performance trends and get a better understanding of your Amazon fees & cost of goods to measure ROI & profit margins. While there are many different apps for Amazon FBA, few offer the comprehensive set of analytical tools found with SellerMobile.

Isolate top-performing brands from lower-yielding ones to elevate sales and profit. Keep tabs on your Amazon FBA fees. Track and measure your top competitors’ performance and identify hijackers on your listings. You can also see how much you’ve lost in the past due to stockouts and use the analysis to understand your data.

Track amazon brand performance
Track top performing brands

Propel Your Amazon Brand Analytics to the Next Level with SellerMobile

Make your FBA restock plans & send your shipments to Amazon from SellerMobile. You can also see demand forecast and restock recommendations while planning. Get tracking info to see if your shipments have reached fulfillment centers. And SellerMobile can synchronize data in real-time from Seller Central.

SellerMobile can also help you calculate storage fees, reduce your Amazon long-term FBA fees, and help you identify where you may have products that are not selling (via an Amazon restocking alert) so you can remove them from FBA or make changes to sell them faster.

Watch your Competitors’ Sales Trends

If you don’t have enough reports to go by, check out  Amazon seller competition sales trends to make these predictions. You might also want to analyze your current inventory and sales and see what products are trending up in sales and rank.

Amazon brands on mobile app
SellerMobile offers a mobile app that helps you track and keep up to date about your brands

If you are a serious seller, then you probably should enroll in Brand Registry. Take the first step to secure your trademark, as it will give you a lot of benefits in the long run. Also, make sure that you are following Amazon’s guidelines to avoid delays during the application process and to ensure your brand protection. Register and start your 14-day free trial with Seller Mobile today!

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