Amazon FBA Q4 Check-Up

Quality check

With the next year just around the corner, it’s time to buckle down to end the year strong. Your performance during the holidays will help determine whether you’ll surpass your yearly goals or not. It’s time to capitalize on what you’ve been planning all year long. This is a midway check-up to see if you’re on track to reach your goals this Q4.

Do you have enough inventory?

It’s always expected to have an increase in sales during the holiday season which is why having good inventory management is important. Hopefully, by now you’ve already fully stocked your own warehouse or sent Amazon enough products for those that opt for fulfillment by Amazon. And make sure you’re paying the right fees with the use of a fba calculator. If your shipment is still on its way, remember to always have safety stock in place. With a good Amazon inventory management tool like SellerMobile, you’ll be able to keep track of your inventory with ease.

Are your listings optimized?

With an increase in traffic, it’s essential to have an interesting and attractive product display to attract more customers. Make sure your product title and description are persuasive and engaging to boost conversions. Utilize top-performing keywords and backend keywords to increase your reach and improve your click-through rate.

Will your orders arrive on time?

The status of the supply chain has been up and down throughout the year with shipment delays, labor issues, and a lack of resources. It’s time to consider other fulfillment options like 3PL or FBM, so you can continue providing the best service to your customers. You can also try out multichannel fulfillment to increase your reach to customers across multiple platforms.

Pro Tip: Chinese New Year will start in early February and end in early March 2022.

This means you should already be planning to restock as early as now if you want to have enough inventory going into Q1 onwards. Make sure to have enough safety stock and adjust lead times on your orders, so you won’t run out of stock during this time. An Amazon inventory management tool like SellerMobile will help you maintain good inventory health coming into the new year.

Are you running the right ads?

Everyone knows that if there’s ever a time to run ads, it’s during the holiday season. You’ve got Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, up until Christmas to adjust your advertising strategies. Make sure you are targeting the right audience and presenting yourself as an alternative to the competition. Remember to pace your spending and focus the bulk of your budget on the day of the event to get the most value for your money.

Are you updated on Amazon Seller News?

There have been multiple changes to Amazon’s policies regarding storage limits, ASIN limits, and seller fees this year. Therefore, it’s important to keep yourself updated on Amazon news, so you won’t encounter any issues in the future. Make sure you’re receiving Amazon price alerts. Double-check that you are meeting the Amazon standards and stay within the threshold they set for sellers to avoid any issues with your account.

Bottom Line

It’s time for one last push to end the year strong, so you can meet all your business goals. Set notifications to get alerts on all the changes happening to your business. Track and manage all aspects of your business with an all-in-one Amazon FBA app like SellerMobile to help you end your Q4 strong.

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