Becoming an Amazon seller might seem like an easy feat. However, the seller’s journey can quickly become stressful, or even unprofitable, without the right tools. 

This blog discusses how to effectively use the Amazon Seller App to ensure your success and profitability. It also discusses the pros and cons of the Amazon Seller App and how you can potentially respond to some of the common challenges faced by Amazon sellers. 

SellerMobile believes selling on Amazon shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be a monitored, repeatable process that brings your sustained profits. That’s why our software suite provides sellers with Amazon seller analytics such as advanced inventory management, price and cost analytics, and automation for things such as customer feedback and repricing. 

Continue reading to learn how to use the Amazon Seller App and how Seller Mobile software puts you in the best position to utilize its capabilities. 

Use Amazon in Two Ways 

Method 1: Amazon Vendor Central 

Amazon Vendor Central is the platform manufacturers and distributors use to supply their products to Amazon. After Amazon receives these products, they market and sell them under their brand image to their customers. 

Amazon also gets all the rights to these products, including royalties, derivatives, and modifications. These products are often listed on the Amazon site as “ships and sold by Amazon.” 

If you don’t want to worry about anything in the cust