How to Improve Your Listings Using High-Quality Product Images

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Want to win over potential customers with professional-looking product listings? Check out these tips for how to create high-quality images using your smartphone alone

You’ve probably thought a lot about how to create the most appealing product listings you can. Competition in the ecommerce space is fierce, and even the slightest differences between listings can make or break a sale. 

Along with using SEO strategies and giving thorough product details, providing high-quality product images is a great way to win over new customers. If you’re a frugal person, however, you may think professional-looking images are beyond your reach. 

Luckily, a few simple tricks and tools can get you the images you want without having to pay a professional. Follow the tips below to take your product listings to the next level.

The Best Smartphones for Amateur Photography

The rise of the smartphone has empowered people all over the world to make content that used to be open only to professionals. In the past ten years, a plethora of new devices have appeared on the market geared especially toward aspiring creatives. Here’s our list of the best smartphones for taking high-quality photographs

  1. The Google Pixel

Google stepped onto the smartphone scene not too long ago with the introduction of the Pixel. They were able to draw on the lessons of the smartphones before, and built the Pixel with superior photography and filmmaking in mind. Among other things, the Pixel boasts a short capture time, HDR image processing and a 12-megapixel camera

  1. The Samsung Galaxy

Samsung continues to give Apple a run for their money, especially given the latest Galaxy models. Recent releases come with an autofocus feature and a special “pro mode” that lets you tinker with shutter speed, exposure levels and more. 

  1. The Apple iPhone 7+

Of course, no discussion of smartphones would be complete without mentioning the iPhone. In particular, the iPhone 7 and later models introduced a higher level of image processing and photography capabilities than was standard. Recent iPhones provide optical image stabilization, white balance and wide angle shots

A Few Simple Accessories

Once you’ve chosen your preferred smartphone, you’ll want to make sure to pick up a few accessories to take your production value to the next level. Don’t worry–there’s no need to spend too much money! All these accessories can be purchased for a modest price. 


One of the first ways you can give your product images a professional feel is to use a backdrop. A backdrop is usually a fabric or vertical surface that helps minimize distraction in the background of your image. Opt for simple white or gray backdrops to help draw your customers’ eye to your products. 

A backdrop can be as simple as a sheet, foam board or wall. As long as the viewer only sees your backdrop and your product, you’re good to go. There’s no need for them to know how messy your room is!


Though it might go without saying, putting your product on a table instead of the floor or other surface will help make your images catch the eye. When your product sits higher, it’s also easier for you to photograph. You can even prop your smartphone up on the table to ensure both the camera and product are level


Of course, even the best products require proper lighting to really shine. While you might think you need special lighting sets or other gear, the best way to showcase your products is by using natural light. Try to arrange your setup somewhere you’ll get plenty of natural light, like in the corner of the room by multiple windows. If you don’t have access to lots of natural light, you can use a soft lamp set at a distance from your products to create a similar effect. 


Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure your camera is stable. Not only will a stable camera allow for easier shooting, but it will also help your images remain level and look professional. Consider buying a low-cost tripod or smartphone mount to help your photos maintain a consistent frame and avoid any blurring. 

Prepping, Shooting and Editing

Once you’ve gathered the above accessories, it’s time to begin prepping for your photo shoot. When setting up your products, pay careful attention to any areas that seem dark or out of focus. If you’re selling products like jewelry, for example, it’s extra important to make sure your customers can see tiny details

Generally speaking, darker-colored products should be contrasted with a lighter backdrop–and lighter-colored products with a darker backdrop. The contrast will help make your images “pop” and make your listings memorable. 

When setting up your camera, situate your products so that they lie in the center of the viewing window. It’s also important to leave extra space around your products so that you can crop the images later according to your needs. 

Of course, it should go without saying that all your products need to be immaculately clean. No smudges or fingerprints!

Experiment with smartphone settings like sharpness and saturation until your products look vibrant and all the product features can be easily made out by the naked eye. Once you’ve taken pictures you’re proud of, crop the images or add filters as necessary. Ideally, no backdrop features like wrinkles or creases in fabric should be visible. 


If you follow these tips, you should create listings that look professional and stand out among your competition. You want your images to catch the eye while also looking clean and rendering any important product features easily discernible. In the world of ecommerce, it’s all about first impressions! Clear product images can make or break a sale, so make sure you are using an online image editor.
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