Amazon Prime Day 2021: A Guide to Promos to Offer Customers and Dates to Remember

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After a year of unexpected changes, Amazon Prime Day is back for summer 2021. The biggest event for retailers and Amazon sellers is just a few months away, which means you should start preparing your deals and discounts now. Prime Day is usually more than just a single day, and with more than one million bargains and special offers worldwide, it’s like Christmas in July when Amazon Prime Day rolls around.

Last year, it was postponed until October and this resulted in the biggest Prime Day Amazon has ever seen, with a 45.2% increase in global sales compared to 2019, according to Digital Commerce 360. Their data also concluded that Amazon reached a record-breaking $10.4 billion sales globally for Prime Day alone in 2020, which was up from $7.16 billion the year prior for the same event.

Amazon Marketplace sellers especially scored big, making over $3.5 billion during Prime Day last year. Sales from third-party sellers increased by almost 60% and are overtaking Amazon’s sales of their own products, surpassing them in growth year over year. This is great news for all Amazon sellers and is motivation enough to take part in Prime Day this 2021.

Amazon Prime Day Deals to Captivate Customers

  • Prime Exclusive Discount – An exclusive for Prime members only, this price discount is used across FBA products that are eligible for Prime shipping. A Prime Day Deals badge will appear on these products during the sale.
amazon prime day deal
  • Prime Member Promotion – This point-of-sale discount is primarily used for retail product categories and is exclusive to Prime members. Products under this promotion will be shown on the Amazon Prime Day page and the Today’s Deals page and will display a Prime Day Deals badge.
  • Lightning Deal – Also known as a flash sale, this is a limited number of discounts that are only available for a few hours on the Amazon Deals page. Only one product can be included in the Lightning Deal, but this covers multiple variations of the product.
amazon prime day lightning deal
  • Coupon – This is a voucher that customers add to their cart and the discount is automatically applied at checkout. Customers can access this through the Amazon Vouchers page or the product detail page directly.
amazon prime day coupon

With the massive rush of customers on Prime Day, some eager shoppers will be waiting to snag deals at huge discounts. This means competition is stiff, but there’s no shortage of potential customers so you don’t always need to have a Prime Day Lightning Deal to run a successful promotion. You can offer discount coupons or buy one get one free deals instead. Remember that trends tend to change, so it’s best to adapt to the latest changes.

Important Amazon Prime Day Dates to Remember

Now that you’re familiar with some of the most attractive discounts you can offer to engage customers, you should make a note of some important dates to remember:

important prime day dates to remember

Prepare for Prime Day with an Amazon Seller Inventory App

With Amazon Prime Day happening in just a few short months from now, the best way to guarantee success is to equip yourself with a quality Amazon seller app. SellerMobile software aids in managing your business by keeping you updated on current month-to-date sales, supplying a restock tool that helps you analyze inventory and prevent lost sales, and much more. 

Plan your Prime Day strategies ahead of time so you can get more sales come summertime. We will keep posting updates about Amazon Prime Day 2021 as they are released, so check back with us for the latest information. We’ll also post tips and tricks to help you win big during the biggest shopping event on Amazon!

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