Optimizing Your Amazon Ads for Prime Day 2021

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Start your summer right with Amazon’s annual Prime Day! Amazon has announced the official dates for Prime Day 2021 – June 21st and 22nd. While many shoppers are busy searching for deals, Amazon sellers are busy advertising and promoting their products. Sales will be at an all-time high with the influx of customers and it’s important to reach as many Prime users as possible. Set yourself up for success by implementing advertising strategies to help you boost sales this upcoming Prime Day. Make sure to check out our other post where we discuss Top Tips for a Successful Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day on June 21 & 22 2021

Pre-Prime Day Prep

With Prime Day just around the corner, customers are now actively researching products and shop deals to score the biggest savings. If you’re not sure what type of promos you should offer, check out this SellerMobile Guide for Prime Day

Use Amazon Sponsored Ads

As an Amazon seller, it’s important to showcase your brand and merchandise to these eager audiences. Amazon Sponsored Ads lets you promote yourself and individual products to make them more discoverable on the platform and increase your sales potential during the event. Grow your impressions with sponsored ads and see results with higher conversions.

Optimize your campaigns with high-ranking keywords and match them with relevant search terms and products using Amazon Sponsored Products. You can boost your Lightning Deals before and during Prime Day, since sponsored products appear on result pages and product detail pages. These will help target shoppers who are actively looking for similar or related products.

Enhance with A+ Content

Aside from being fully stocked for the event, you need to make your product displays stand out. Optimize your product listings with A+ Content and see improvement in conversion rates.  Attract customers with high-resolution images and videos to enhance their user experience.

Retargeting Ads

You can remarket your products to audiences that have already seen your ads or have stopped by your product pages so your brand stays on their minds throughout the event. Retargeting ads is a great way to save on your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) while still getting conversions. Reach potential customers and redirect them to your product listings to boost conversions and sales.

Expand Your Reach with Display Campaigns

Amazon Sponsored Display helps advertisers reach customers beyond Amazon to increase visibility and expand the reach of your Amazon business. Make use of ad placements that appear both on and off Amazon–whether that be on the Amazon homepage, product detail pages, or on third-party websites and apps. This helps build awareness of your products and retargets active shoppers that have previously viewed your product pages.

Amazon Posts

Attract more customers through branded content with Amazon Posts. You can upload to your feed for free and widen your reach, getting your products discovered by a bigger audience. Draw in eager shoppers with brand-conscious lifestyle images and make customers see what they’re missing out on if they skip over your offers. If you want to learn more about Amazon Posts, watch this video for a more in-depth discussion.

Amazon Details Page

Make first impressions last by optimizing your Amazon landing page. Highlight your products through hero images and videos to set yourself apart from and ahead of the competition by showcasing what makes you unique. Share your brand story, highlight product benefits and incorporate high-ranking keywords to engage potential customers.

On Prime Day

It’s Prime Day. Now what do you do?

Engage in Real-Time with Livestream

Bring your seller store to customers live on Prime Day and entice them to shop directly via livestream. Amazon Live lets you connect with shoppers through chat while you demonstrate your products in real-time, giving prospective buyers a chance to interact with your brand and allowing you to engage authentically with your audience. Describe product features and benefits while providing information and solutions instantly to build trust in buyers. Showcase similar products to promote cross-selling with the Product Carousel feature. Inspire your customers to purchase your products with convincing demos and knowledgeable dialogue.

After Prime Day

Keep your audience engaged by promoting complementary products to those who weren’t able to purchase your products during the Prime Day event. Amazon Sponsored Brands helps get your brand seen by connecting active Amazon shoppers to your products. With this, Amazon drives potential customers to your store or product page and builds brand awareness.

Observe the Competition

Learn from your competitors and take inspiration from the effective strategies they implement. Study the techniques that work, observing any adjustments that can be applied directly to your own marketing efforts, and stay informed of changes within the marketplace–you can also take note of less useful methods so you know what to avoid. Then apply what you learn to create your own plan of action, making it unique for your brand and product. Find a way to make your business stand out and use that to your advantage. Improve your performance and be motivated to do better.

Evaluate Your Results

Check your Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS) by comparing it to your brand’s historical results to see if your Prime Day campaigns were successful. Remember that there are different variables affecting advertising campaigns so the results will always differ. You can also take this time to review your past performance and learn from what worked and what didn’t. Having an all-in-one Amazon seller software like SellerMobile can help you track sales, manage your inventory, keep up to date with ads and customer feedback which will make your next Prime Day a lot easier to handle.

Plan for Future Events

Once Prime Day ends, you’ll be able to take what you learned and plan with plenty of time to prepare for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, but keep in mind that you may need to tweak your campaigns and outreach efforts, as different events require different strategies. Hindsight is 20/20, so use post-Prime time to analyze and reassess how you can better your game plan and score even bigger when the next online shopping event rolls around. Q4 is just a few months away, and preparation is key to reaching your goals and ending the year right.

Get ready to win big on the most colossal shopping event from Amazon. May the sales be with you!

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