Your Guide to the New Amazon Sponsored Brands Videos


Online videos have a wide appeal and are effective at grabbing attention, especially that of decision-makers because they provide the most information in the smallest amount of time. Fortunately, video production has become more popular and accessible to the masses on the go, with shoppers carrying smartphones and devices around at all times, boosting content consumption, and influencing purchasing decisions.

As an Amazon brand-registered seller, now is the time to take advantage of the Sponsored Brands Video function to reach out to your target audience, as well as prospective customers to increase your brand’s visibility.

What Are Amazon’s Sponsored Brands Video Ads?

You’re probably familiar with the standard text, image, and video graphics options when creating your ads. What you may not know though, is that, as a brand-registered seller on Amazon, the video feature is exclusive to you! 

Just like ordinary ads, videos have:

  • product titles
  • listed details 
  • a tagged price
  • prime shipping label

There’s a special feature that makes them several times more engaging than basic ads because Sponsored Brands Videos have an interactive interface, allowing customers to play, pause, and mute the ad as they wish. Currently, this feature is available in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

Why You Should Switch To Amazon Sponsored Brands Video

Videos are likely to pique interests more easily than standard banner or click ads, and they play automatically which makes them effective at capturing consumer attention (whether attention given is intentional or not). Compared to other common forms of paid ads, these videos are comparatively cheaper than Cost Per Click advertising, and the ACoS (advertising cost of sale) is lower. Additionally, the Sponsored Brands Video program will offer the following advantages:

  • Capture the attention of your audience 

With the tale you choose to tell, you have the opportunity to create fascinating experiences for both mobile and desktop customers. It’s also an intelligent way to set your business apart from the competition.

  • Appeal to your target consumers 

By using keyword targeting to find shoppers searching for comparable products, you can point more consumers towards your brand.

  • Create a coordinated campaign

You can effortlessly set up your ads using the Sponsored Ads creative builder. 

The Benefits of Sponsored Brands Videos

What is the best way to get your product in front of potential buyers? Paid advertising. Amazon’s platform provides Sponsored Product Ads which are a convenient way that you can advertise your products using video ad campaigns under the umbrella of sponsored brands. Here, sellers bid on specific keywords within Amazon search results so their campaign will show up prominently when customers type those words into the search engine.

Customers are able to find products that interest them by using specific keywords. For a price, sellers can bid on these search words and appear in the best possible place when someone is looking for something similar. This gives you an advantage over other brands that don’t have as many resources or time invested into advertising because your ad will show up first in the results after shoppers enter those same keywords.

One of the best ways to get your product out there is through video advertising. Amazon recommends that you keep it short and informative with a time limit of 30 seconds or less, and make sure all the right information gets across in those first few seconds.

This newly launched video feature, Sponsored Brands Video (SBV) syncs with both mobile and desktop users and is easily accessible from search results and product pages. This innovative feature has revolutionized how sellers advertise and market their products, all on a budget. This feature allows you to create and design video ad campaigns to capture more sales and engage your audience. 

Another great way to get your product in front of lots of eyes? Using Amazon sales forecasting software so that along with a strategic advertising campaign, you can accurately plan and calculate future sales to make sure you keep your inventory levels sufficient. You’ll also be able to amp up your video campaigns with a better idea of projected sales.

Planning Your Video Campaigns

As with everyday advertising, your strength and success lie in your ability to gather and use the most relevant and effective keywords. Speaking the language used by your prospective buyers and customers helps increase your product visibility, pushing it to the very top of the search results. Besides getting your keyword game in order, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow to set up your video ads:

  1. Draft a Budget

The end goal of your efforts is to make a profit, and that means putting a peg on your spending. Even as you compete and place your bid against other sellers, keep in mind how much you’re willing to spend and stick to that number so you don’t end up in the red. Ultimately, whoever places the highest bid ends up garnering the biggest piece of the publicity pie, which leads to more sales. 

The specific industry you’re in will also play a role in how much to set as your ideal budget, with the ad budget being calculated as a fraction of the overall sales you anticipate to make. If you need more help with managing your seller business expenses, make sure and utilize an Amazon FBA fee calculator app like SellerMobile so you can keep track of your costs and how much you’re paying in fees. 

  1. Plan Your Ad Content

This is where your keywords play a crucial role, used to create equally engaging and relevant product listings and descriptions. In short, keep your title concise, descriptive, and catchy. Be careful to follow Amazon’s policy regarding the graphics you share, and keep in mind who your audience is, what they need, and what pain point your product solves. Getting a tool like Keyword Inspector that helps you track and compile relevant keywords will be a major timesaver and give you access to insider keyword data.

As you explore the various aspects of ad planning, remember to edit the final product and make the video only as long as it needs to be, keeping the most relevant parts that encompass the benefits of your product. 

  1. Ad Specifications

Amazon is pretty strict about their ad specifications, so adhere to these to avoid getting your sponsored video rejected for approval. Use the correct pixelation, balanced aspect ratios, and save the video in the right format so that it’s fully optimized for viewing.

Submitting Your Amazon Sponsored Brands Video

One thing that remains true about Amazon is their strict adherence to the formats they choose, so pay close attention to the technical parts of your video. For example, never overlay the user interface with captions as this is a common reason Amazon rejects video entries. Edit your video concisely, cropping out any black boxes, and lastly, produce an audience-relevant video, editing in the appropriate language where necessary.

Wrapping Up: Optimizing Your Video Ads

Identify your target demographic: create content that’s geared towards a specific audience, and leave them with no doubt as to how your product will meet their needs.

  • Put the product at center stage: don’t let edits and complicated transitions take attention away from the product itself.
  • The power of simplicity: at most, keep your video between fifteen and thirty seconds, with your product being the first thing your viewers see, and summarize the content to a few, critical points.
  • Fluid editing: Edit your videos in a way that allows your videos to loop smoothly, and have the videos follow a clear format.
  • Effective storytelling: the point of your video is to communicate a message, so don’t stray from the point, make sure you’re telling a story about your product, with relevant CTAs for conversions.

Moving visuals help us understand messaging more directly, making videos effective in capturing and contextualizing the world around us. They give your brand a personal touch while also increasing conversions. Make sure that you’re making the most of what’s available to you through Amazon advertising, and try out the Sponsored Brands Video feature to optimize your sales.

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