8 Best Traits of a Great Web Developer

Web Developer Skills

Great web developers bring a myriad of competencies to the table. Some are skilled at building a website or mobile app from scratch while others are great at delivering a design and experience a user would love. In this article, we have compiled the best web developer traits based on our experience.

But a kick-ass web developer can’t be merely determined by their impressive portfolio. A truly incredible developer is one with great skill set and amazing core traits. Not only can they do the job, they can also work well with the company, regardless of whether they are working on site or at home.

At SellerMobile, we’re really fortunate to have a team of web developers who are unbelievably talented and passionate about their craft, and who genuinely care about our clients’ experience and the growth of our company.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the key personality characteristics, which we believe make for a successful web developer.

8 Best Web Developer Traits

Analytical Mindset

Good web developers need to be more than just code-generating workers; they must have excellent systems-level thinking skills. Regardless of what type of developer they are, they must be passionate about solving problems, as this is an integral part of programming.

When a code doesn’t work, they need to keep digging until they find the answer. They don’t drop the ball and leave the work undone. Instead, they spend time to figure out what isn’t working or where the bug is coming from. No matter what the challenge may be, a great web developer relishes on discovering new ways to make things function. They understand that problem solving is part and parcel of being a developer, and sometimes it requires being creative to find a working solution.

Patience and Trustworthiness

Every successful programmer will tell you that patience is one of the must-have web developer traits. Whether it’s about learning a new language or developing a new website, they’ll most likely come up against countless of bugs and broken lines of code that will require patience, practice and research to fix.

Web developers are more than just hired workers. Believe it or not, you need them just as much as they need you. Unless you know how to code yourself, you need to team up with a good web developer to bring your idea into life. However, without trust, chances are you and your developer will find it hard to turn that vision into reality. You’ll never be on the same page with anything as you’ll always be second guessing their intentions and decisions. Lack of trust in a working relationship will make it challenging to move projects forward.

Hunger for Learning

Technology is constantly evolving, and the competencies needed in today’s technological field can quickly become out-of-date. Individuals who desire continuous learning enhance and expand their skill set and as a result improve their work performance and become better versions of themselves – personally and professionally. Skilled web developers are exactly like this!

They seek out new knowledge, keep up with the latest trends and adapt their skill set to remain relevant in their field and be prepared for the anticipated future. They go out of their way to master new technologies and solve existing issues more efficiently. As newer versions of languages, libraries and frameworks emerge day by day, web developers who are hungry for learning can certainly deliver the technical know-hows in order to accomplish the project and provide your key audience a seamless user-experience.

Excellent Communication Skills

Next in our list of best web developer traits is communication skill. Nothing compares to face-to-face communication. Sure, you can shoot off a message via email, leave a message on Facebook or do a Skype call. But, there are still some instances when talking to people face-to-face is the best way to get something done efficiently. If face-to-face is impossible, then video conference is the best option.

A professional web developer with excellent communication skills will make sure to reach out to you the best way possible. They will give you a clear view of the project, explaining everything in layman’s terms – whether it’s via chat, email or video call. They will also make sure that you feel confident and comfortable about your project.

Top-notch Interpersonal Skills

Off-screen personality is another web developer trait you need to look for. You see, web developers with the deepest ocean of knowledge may not always be the best fit for your business. Yes, they are usually most comfortable behind computer screens, working on highly technical issues with complex code. But, your company also needs someone who can join meetings, talk about status updates, and generally have good interpersonal relationships with other employees.

Further, interpersonal skills go hand in hand with communication skills. For your company to thrive, meet deadlines and exceed goals, solid communication systems and working relationship must be in place. Serious web developers don’t only provide a clear message via email, they also promote positive face-to-face discussions.

Reliability and Positive Attitude

Reliable web developers have strong task and time management skills. They know how to handle their task proficiently and how much time it will take to finish it successfully. They can optimize their workflows and deliver their work on time. They will not compromise the quality of their work just to meet deadlines.

Additionally, they are committed to the project they are working on and will go the extra mile to ensure that it exceeds your expectations. Despite the hurdles along the way, they remain calm and positive and help motivate other members of the team. They don’t crack under the pressure of deadlines or lose their professionalism from constructive feedback.

Bottom Line

A company’s website represents your online presence, establishes your credibility as a business and gives a positive impression that you’re successful at what you do. Having an excellent web developer in your team allows you to achieve all these.

SaaS (also known as for “Software as a Service”) companies, like SellerMobile, are always looking for traits like these in web developers.

In order to provide the best software to our clients, we need talented web developers. If you think you have what it takes to become part of our team or if you know any web developer who possesses these qualities, don’t hesitate to reach out. Alternatively, if you’re looking to build your own website and need a good web developer, let us know. We might have someone for you.

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