Great web developers bring a myriad of competencies to the table. Some are skilled at building a website or mobile app from scratch while others are great at delivering a design and experience a user would love. In this article, we have compiled the best web developer traits based on our experience.

But a kick-ass web developer can’t be merely determined by their impressive portfolio. A truly incredible developer is one with great skill set and amazing core traits. Not only can they do the job, they can also work well with the company, regardless of whether they are working on site or at home.

At SellerMobile, we’re really fortunate to have a team of web developers who are unbelievably talented and passionate about their craft, and who genuinely care about our clients’ experience and the growth of our company.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the key personality characteristics, which we believe make for a successful web developer.

8 Best Web Developer Traits

Analytical Mindset

Good web developers need to be more than just code-generating workers; they must have excellent systems-level thinking skills. Regardless of what type of developer they are, they must be passionate about solving problems, as this is an integral part of programming.

When a code doesn’t work, they need to keep digging until they find the answer. They don’t drop the ball and leave the work undone. Instead, they spend time to figure out what isn’t working or where the bug is coming from. No matter what the challenge may be, a great web developer relishes on discovering new ways to make things function. They understand that problem solving is part and parcel of being a developer, and sometimes it requires being creative to find a working solution.

Patience and Trustworthiness

Every successful programmer will tell you that patience is one of the