If you’re an Amazon seller, you’re no doubt familiar with the concept of product reviews. According to a recent survey by BrightLocal, 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Obviously, product reviews are incredibly important—especially for sellers on Amazon. But if you want to make it big on Amazon, you can’t stop at just product reviews. You need both product reviews and seller feedback to build your brand’s reputation.

These two may seem similar, but they serve different purposes and have a different impact on your business. This article outlines the differences between Amazon product reviews and seller feedback so you can understand why you need both—and how you can get more of both!

What is Seller Feedback?

Seller feedback is a way for buyers to rate their experience with a seller (not a product) and it only appears on an Amazon seller’s account page. Seller feedback does not impact a product’s ranking or sales. Instead, it provides insight into what buyers think about sellers.

Seller feedback is important because it helps Amazon determine which sellers are the best fit for their marketplace. In other words, seller feedback helps them determine which seller to