Amazon Prime members around the world are looking forward to one of the biggest sales of the year – Amazon Prime Day. This huge sales event was first introduced in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary, and it’s grown to be a substantial occasion similar to Black Friday or Cyber Monday when it comes to offering huge deals and discounts to customers. Prime Day is usually held in the first or second week of July, however, Amazon has yet to announce the official date for this year. While everyone is waiting for a conclusive announcement, it’s always best to plan ahead and be fully prepared for the colossal event. 

Best Amazon Tips to Help You Prepare for Prime Day:

  • Price Competitively

Winning the Buy Box is hugely important, now more than ever. You have to be more flexible when it comes to pricing to be able to compete with brands that are putting out multiple sponsored ads and Prime Day deals. Offer price discounts, coupons, or buy-one get-one deals to attract customers and take advantage of the traffic coming to the website. You can also include your slow-moving inventory items in the bundle to maximize on the sale.

  • Optimize Your Product Listings

It’s crucial to optimize your Amazon product listings so they display the key details of the product you are selling. Ha