I always like to share my own experiences of when I was first starting to sell on Amazon and things I didn’t necessarily know to even look out for, because I didn’t realize the impact it could have. Prime example – allowing competitors to hijack my Amazon listings! Amazon hijackers are those sneaky, boogeyman-in-the-basement type creepers – scary but preventable roadblocks that shouldn’t hold you back on your road to Amazon success.  

In this post, I’m going to share what Amazon listing hijacking really is and how to prevent it from happening.   

What is Amazon Listing Hijacking?  

So, let’s say you take weeks and months to perfectly curate and develop an Amazon listing. It has the perfect image, brand representation, description, and it even has customer reviews raving about the exemptional quality. When a competitor, a third-party seller, or distributor jumps on this private label product listing and offers the same (or knock-off version) of your product, at a lower price, they’