Imagine this: you’ve spent countless hours developing an amazing marketing strategy that’s been paying off with high sales. You’re thrilled that your products are flying off the shelves and every sale means more revenue. However, this also means that you’ll soon run out of inventory. How do you make sure you always have enough inventory so you don’t run out of stock?

Inventory forecasting predicts how much and how often you should order another batch of products so you won’t miss out on a sale. By using an Amazon restock tool like SellerMobile you can accurately predict how much inventory is needed based on historical sales data.

Understanding Restocking

With inventory forecasting, you can accurately determine how much product and how often you need to replenish your stock. Restock recommendations provide you with information you can use to determine how to balance running out of stock with having too much inventory. With the right Amazon seller app, you can understand when to restoc