Is Amazon A+ Content Worth Your Investment?


As an Amazon seller, you surely know by now that optimizing your online business isn’t a one-time event, but an ongoing process of learning and unlearning, to find what works and what doesn’t in order to scale your business better. There’s a thousand things you need to continuously be managing to grow your brand and boost business and revenue. 

Refining your knowledge on how to enhance your listing requires an understanding of the various tools and systems Amazon has in place. As a sales-focused platform, Amazon’s search engine differs from a standard search engine, and therefore SEO differs slightly. Is one simpler than the other? Not necessarily. Whereas Google ranks results based on how analogous your site is to a visitor’s search, Amazon’s focus is more on the products customers regularly search for. One of the prominent features Amazon uses to rank sellers and their products is A+ Content.

What is A+ Content?

This is a premium feature that allows big brands to offer in-depth product information and engaging visuals to buyers. The feature is said to have the power to boost sales by 3-10% by making use of the integrated video content, enticing illustrations, detailed FAQs, and interactive interfaces (e.g. carousels for easier scrolling), etc.

A proven formula for success and higher sales is to combine an impressive presence with powerful content. The A+ Content feature is a superior system that enables sellers to increase conversions, touch up their SEO, and promote trust and loyalty from their customers. 

Learning to Use A+ Content 

By exhibiting your products with engaging, organized layouts, HD multimedia, comparison graphs and comprehensive data representation, sellers can capture customer interest and may even raise sales by 10% or more. 

  1. Build a Brand Identity

Consumers get attached to specific brands when it comes to purchasing all sorts of items. For example, shoes are a necessity, but they’re also readily available just about anywhere. This begs the question, why do consumers choose to buy their footwear from a specific store? As a seller, you need to consider the ‘why’ in your decision-making and apply it to your own product page. What convinces a shopper to get one shoe over another?

Think about your own thought process prior to purchase. You probably focus first on the functionality or purpose, but then secondary attention goes to the brand, perhaps more than you had realized. To target a specific type of consumer and reach more customers with your voice, focus on building a brand that reflects a unique image and a defined set of values. Creating a brand identity will provide a clear foundation for how you present your business to the public, and will attract the kind of customer you’re seeking, and ideally build a loyal customer base, who over time, easily recognizes and relates to your brand.

  1. Provide Detailed Product Descriptions

The information you share pertaining to a product is crucial, meaning insufficient data equals lost sales if a customer feels dissatisfied with the product description, doesn’t understand the text, or isn’t sold by the writing. 

This isn’t to say you should overstuff your product description with unnecessary text. Be generous with details, but keep them relevant. A product page isn’t about testing your customers’ comprehension skills, but rather about offering up enough detail to convince them to make a purchase. As you talk about your product, you shouldn’t just regurgitate information; you’re telling a story, which includes the layout you choose, the colors, and the graphics, all of which have a visual impact in addition to the textual content itself.

Additionally, starting July 17th, 2021, Amazon is set to discard HTML tags on product detail pages as a security effort. HTML tags are backend instructions, for example to bold a specific word or create bullet points, which help organize the frontend and make it easy to digest by shoppers. This is all the more reason to invest in A+ Content, as it gives sellers flexibility and control over their listings and the ability to continue customizing their frontend content. You won’t have to worry about disappearing HTML tags if you have access to the A+ Content feature for registered brands to keep your listing descriptions ordered and appealing. 

  1. Stand Out from the Crowd

Regardless of the industry you do business in, in the capitalistic world of e-commerce, it’s almost a guarantee that you have competition as you fight for your customers’ attention. While you might have a great product on your hands, your job is to convince visitors that your product in particular is the one that will solve their problems, and show them why yours is the best choice.

Take advantage of the high definition graphics, formatted text, and layout options to make your product attractive and gain a competitive advantage over your competition.

Enhanced product descriptions amplify the bullet points describing your product and the accompanying graphics within the product detail page. Sellers can therefore effectively use these to help shape the customer experience, and present a unique shopper experience. 

Sellers can, for example, submit image-specific search phrases (or alt-text keywords), when uploading and sharing images as a single line description of what to expect with the product. There’s also an option to expand your language options to include other predominant languages in your marketplace. Ultimately, multiple modules are available to create content organized to display:

  • brand logo 
  • features and headers with specific (image) sizes 
  • header images 
  • comparison charts with multiple images 
  • single image and sidebar 
  • four image highlights 
  • single image and specific detail 
  • single image and highlights 
  • image and light text overlay
  1. Boost Your Rankings for Better Conversions

When all is said and done, the end goal of every seller is to convert and make sales. And the more sales you make, the better you rank on Amazon’s algorithm. This positive feedback mechanism means that your product may be popular one day, but to maintain a higher rank, it needs to stay relevant and you need to keep making sales. 

The algorithm itself doesn’t form part of A+ content, but it’s all related: the better your content, the more conversions and sales, and the higher the algorithm will rank your products. Because of this, you need to go beyond newspaper-style advertising, and put some initiative into adding creativity into your presentation.

Fill your content with enhanced descriptions and bullet points that stand out, and feature multiple, quality images from different angles. Present your product in the most appealing way to truly capture a prospective buyer’s eye. With a keyword-specific research tool built especially for Amazon, sellers can find hundreds of relevant keywords and then incorporate them into their own product pages, optimizing their listing in the process to reach higher organic rankings and more conversions.

Wrapping Up

Amazon’s A+ Content creation provides an excellent platform and chance for sellers, allowing them to showcase their products in a more attractive and unique format that should help convert more shoppers into buyers. Remember, to stand out in front of customers:

  • develop and communicate your unique brand
  • be generous but not overwhelming with your content
  • paint a descriptive picture and take visitors from one point to the next successively
  • pick an aesthetic and think of your product page as an advertisement
  • don’t be shy when talking about the benefits of your product

When it comes to optimizing your listing, don’t be afraid to explore various options, including HD graphics, fancy formats, infographics, and formatted texts to build remarkable product pages. If you need more help running your Amazon seller business, get organized with some Amazon sales forecasting software like SellerMobile. You provide the A+ Content, and SellerMobile will streamline every other aspect of your business, from an FBA repricer to automatically update your product price and keep it competitive, to sending you Amazon restocking alerts when it’s time to top up on inventory. Take your Amazon selling game to the next level!

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