As an Amazon seller, you surely know by now that optimizing your online business isn’t a one-time event, but an ongoing process of learning and unlearning, to find what works and what doesn’t in order to scale your business better. There’s a thousand things you need to continuously be managing to grow your brand and boost business and revenue. 

Refining your knowledge on how to enhance your listing requires an understanding of the various tools and systems Amazon has in place. As a sales-focused platform, Amazon’s search engine differs from a standard search engine, and therefore SEO differs slightly. Is one simpler than the other? Not necessarily. Whereas Google ranks results based on how analogous your site is to a visitor’s search, Amazon’s focus is more on the products customers regularly search for. One of the prominent features Amazon uses to rank sellers and their products is A+ Content.

What is A+ Content?

This is a premium feature that allows big brands to offer in-depth product information and engaging visuals to buyers. The feature is said to have the power to boost sales by 3-10% by making use of the integrated video content, enticing illustrations, detailed FAQs, and interactive interfaces (e.g. carousels for easier scrolling), etc.

A proven formula for success and higher sales is to combine an impressive presence with