Business Insider found that Amazon FBA sellers are selling their businesses for more than 30 million dollars- people can profit immensely from their Amazon seller profile. But how do you make sure you’re selling the right products at the right time for the right price?

As an Amazon seller, you need to consider what products you include in your inventory carefully. A well-researched inventory leads to steady profits and a sustainable business model. A hap-hazard inventory can reduce and even cancel out any profits your Amazon business makes. 

While it’s simple to get started on Amazon, turning your Amazon profile into a top performer is a little more complicated. This article discusses the most strategic products to include in your Amazon seller profile. It also discusses how to search and find the products that fit your market needs the best. Continue reading to learn how to make the most out of your Amazon FBA profile. 

Seller Mobile provides Amazon sellers with intuitive software to streamline their inventory process and make sure they turn a profit. Using tools such as Lost Sales Analysis and Restock can position you for long-term success in the Amazon marketplace. 

Printed Books

Consumers have something to say to those who believed printed books were a thing of the past: “you were wrong.” Printed books are resurging in the Amazon space, a fitting trend considering Amazon got its start selling books. 

The reason printed books are an excellent choice for Amazon sellers is because their profit margins are through the roof- you can find books for a dollar or less and sell them for exponential amounts. 

This system isn’t fail-proof, so if you’re going to include books in your inventory, you need to diversify. However, books are an ideal cash cow for your Amazon FBA business.

Clothing, Bags, Accessories 

Clothing, bags, and accessories are standard-size products that don’t incur high storage fees at Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Amazon fees are lower in the off-season (January to September). 

Regardless of the time of year, clothing, bags, and accessories can fit into average-sized boxes without the risk of damage, increasing their profitability. 

Because of this, you can maximize your storage space cost-efficiency. You can package any item together without compromising the product’s integrity. 

Baby Clothes and Accessories 

Baby clothes and accessories are recession-resistant products that are always in high demand. Amazon simply makes parenting easier. What parent wants to go shopping for baby toys when they can just get them delivered to their front door? 

Parents need to buy a lot of baby stuff. They also need to buy baby stuff often. Babies grow quicker than kids. Parents