Every Amazon seller needs to understand the importance of having a good inventory strategy in order to properly equip their business and avoid losing sales. While you can handle your restock calculations manually, third-party Amazon inventory forecasting software can greatly improve the management of your inventory and you can configure them to receive Amazon restocking alerts and notifications so you always know when you’re running low on stock.

What Is a Lost Sale?

SellerMobile describes lost sales as missed selling opportunities. This means that you could have potentially made a sale if you had had enough stock on-hand in your inventory. When the demand is not met due to out-of-stock items, then you experience a “lost sale”.

So how do you avoid a lost sale?

Understanding Market Demand

To be able to properly forecast your inventory, you first need to know how much of your product customers are willing to purchase. A good understanding of market demand allows you to see the profitability of your product in the future. Once you have an accurate grasp on this, you can create effective marketing plans, push PPC ads, introduce promotions, and raise or lower p