What To Sell on Amazon FBA

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Business Insider found that Amazon FBA sellers are selling their businesses for more than 30 million dollars- people can profit immensely from their Amazon seller profile. But how do you make sure you’re selling the right products at the right time for the right price? As an Amazon seller, you need to consider what products […]

How Much Money Do Amazon Sellers Make?

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There is no one answer to how much money Amazon sellers make. Instead, it depends on various factors such as the seller’s resources, how long they have been on Amazon, their dedication, and their selling methods.  However, as this article shows, sellers can make substantial profits with minimal investments if they use the right tools […]

What Are Seller Mobile’s Tools?

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Seller Mobile is a full-suite software platform that gives Amazon sellers access to various automation and performance tools that optimize business management. These tools give sellers the knowledge and data they need to stay ahead of the competition by accounting for customer needs, managing feedback, and better-preparing inventory.  Our software provides sellers of all kinds […]

How to Manage Your Amazon Excess Inventory

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As an FBA seller, one of your most important tasks is striking the perfect balance between having enough inventory on-hand while not having too much, prompting extra fees. This directly affects your IPI–your Inventory Performance Index–which measures how efficient you are at handling and managing your inventory. If your score is above the standard set […]

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value on Amazon

Customer Lifetime Value

As an Amazon seller, increasing your customer lifetime value is one of the most important steps you can take to increase profits on the platform. We’ve outlined a few easy ways to help make this happen:   Understanding Customer Lifetime Value One of the more important key metrics in business is customer lifetime value, or CLV, […]

How Freight Shipping Costs Affect Your Amazon Business & Cost of Goods Sold

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Have you ever wondered how Amazon sellers can offer such affordable prices on their products? The answer lies in the company’s focus on the Cost of Goods Sold, often abbreviated as COGS. Determining your COGS can be difficult as your products move through various channels and distributors. Let’s take a look at some products that […]

Amazon’s Return and Refund Policy 2021

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Now that Prime Day is over, the sales and offers on Amazon only start escalating as the last half of the year closes in and Black Friday leads into the holiday season. There will inevitably be unwanted gifts and wrong sizes, so let’s take some time to brush up on where sellers and customers stand […]

Amazon Restock Update: Out with ASIN Limits and In With Storage-Based Limits


As we bid farewell to ASIN limits previously set on inventory, what do these new storage-based restocking limits have in stock for Amazon sellers? Amazon’s announcement on their transition from the ASIN-level restocking limits to the new storage-type restocking limits as of April 22nd has, to say the least, rocked the world of many sellers. […]

The Essential Tools Every Amazon Seller Needs to Boost Their Bottom Line

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The sheer amount of competition on Amazon means that sellers have to rethink how they run their businesses on the platform in order to thrive. There are over 2.5 million active Amazon third-party sellers, all vying for consumer attention. This can make for a fierce contest when it comes to scoring purchases from customers.    Many […]

Amazon FBA Changes and What They Mean for Sellers in Q4

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The fourth quarter (Q4) is one of Amazon’s busiest sales seasons, with Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday taking place one after the other. When it comes to Amazon and their policies, things are constantly changing. If you’re an Amazon seller, whether a beginner or a seasoned one, it’s important to keep tabs on […]