What Are Seller Mobile’s Tools?

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Seller Mobile is a full-suite software platform that gives Amazon sellers access to various automation and performance tools that optimize business management. These tools give sellers the knowledge and data they need to stay ahead of the competition by accounting for customer needs, managing feedback, and better-preparing inventory. 

Our software provides sellers of all kinds with the resources they need to maximize profit and win the Buy Box. Continue reading to learn more about how Seller Mobile can take your Amazon seller business to the next level, helping you outperform your competitors and stay ahead of the curve on your customers’ wants and needs.  

Amazon Seller Tools

Automated Repricer 

Seller Mobile’s Automated Repricing tool gives sellers access to software that automatically changes prices on Amazon products depending on the seller’s pricing strategy. Whether your mission is to win the Buy Box or sell a preset number of units within a specified time, Seller Mobile’s Automated Repricer can assist you in accomplishing your goals. 

The Automated Repricer tool conducts a market assessment and includes competitor analytics as soon as you identify your strategy, making price adjustments easier and faster than trying to manually conduct research. Our repricing tool gives you access to the following benefits: 

  • Time-tested strategies
  • Choose your competitors
  • Increase profit margin
  • Set your min and max price
  • Increase your chance of winning the BuyBox
  • Repricer log history

Feedback Automation 

Automated customer feedback tools simplify visitor communication about the customer’s journey, helping sellers collect real-time feedback to implement in their business strategy. Access to this seller feedback helps boost account rankings and increase visibility. It also helps sellers master their skills of sending tailored emails to their customers. 

The Feedback Automation tool at Seller Mobile helps sellers stay on top of their seller ratings and stay ahead of their competition by including the following features: 

  • Email templates 
  • Campaign customization 
  • Email scheduling features 
  • Email performance from the feedback dashboard

Restock and Purchase Order Tool 

With Seller Mobile’s Restock and Purchase Order tool, you never have to guess about forecasting again. It allows you to accurately predict inventory levels and precisely restock inventory according to your needs. Having the correct inventory analysis at your disposal ensures you can always stay ahead of your competition. 

Additionally, you can view these forecasts at all times throughout the day from one location. Simply click to see sales forecast, restock suggestions, lead times, potential losses, and if the tool recommends restocking. The tool gives you access to the following features. 

  • Restock 
  • One restock for multiple suppliers 
  • Auto-split purchase orders by supplier 
  • Lost-sales analysis 
  • Eliminate storage

Amazon PPC Ads Tool

Amazon PPC Ad tools let you track, measure, and optimize your Amazon seller PPC ad campaigns for given periods to reduce spending and hit your target ACoS, ensuring long-term profitability. Using this Seller Mobile tool lets you gain a deeper understanding of the following categories: 

  • Ad campaigns 
  • Ad groups 
  • Keywords
  • Search terms 
  • Product ads

Advanced Notification Tool 

Advanced notification tools help you understand trends and inform you about your marketplace. They give you instant mobile sales notifications and issue daily sales reports and summaries. These notifications offer valuable insight into the simplicity of your business model and reveal effective and efficient scaling methods.  

Instantaneous notifications improve your ability to monitor sales and inventory. You can also schedule daily sales summary emails and distribute them automatically with your top sellers. When you use Seller Mobile’s Advanced Notification tool, you get access to the following features. 

  • Detailed overviews of past and current sales performance. 
  • Details regarding your current account performance. 
  • Top-performing product analysis

Global Sales Tool 

Seller Mobile’s Global Sales Performance tool gives international sellers access to product reports from one location. This tool can offer insight for up to 17 marketplaces, which gives you the ability to maximize your profit on a larger scale. When you use a global sales tool, you can take the pulse of each of your international marketplaces in one location and simplify your product management strategy.

Business Analytics (BI) 

Profit and Cost Analysis 

Our Profit and Cost Analysis tool gives you access to a dashboard that aggregates information such as account storage and Amazon fees, PPC spending, shipping, taxes, and processing costs; all of the information you need to maximize your profit. Additionally, the Profit and Cost Analysis tool helps you analyze your lost sales occurring from low stock. When you have easy access to this data, you can prevent future profit losses more effectively. 

Inventory Management Analysis 

The Inventory Management feature collects and aggregates data to anticipate consumer demand for each of your products. This data analysis helps sellers achieve optimal inventory levels and accounts for future demand using past lost sales data. 

Additionally, the tool helps sellers calculate storage fees and track where products are not selling so sellers can remove those products from their inventory. When you track your total assets across various channels and fulfillment centers, you will have a complete picture of your inventory. 

Customer Analysis 

Customer analytics help you analyze consumer behavior, giving you insight into their purchasing habits and allowing you to make product decisions based on that behavior. Without this valuable data, it can be challenging to devise product strategies that respond to your customers’ desires and needs. 

Competitor and Hijacker Analysis 

Seller Mobile’s Competitor and Hijacker Analysis business intelligence feature tracks your competitors and compares KPIs to ensure you continue to own the Buy Box. Competitor data bolsters your strategy and lets you compare your performance against your competition, revealing Amazon hijackers

Continuously checking for hijackers is unsustainable. With our Competitor and HIjacker Analysis tool, you can monitor your products and receive alerts when another seller cuts into your profits and undervalues your brand. 

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As an Amazon seller, you need a full-suite toolset that guarantees consistent wins. Seller Mobile provides its customers with an easy-to-install, easy-to-use platform that quickly implements into any business model. Our repricing, inventory management, and restock and repurchase tools guarantee that you maximize your profits and stay on top of the Buy Box. 

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