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Boost Rankings with Auto-Feedback and Reviews

Seller Mobile: Feedback

  • Seller Mobile is an advanced cloud-based software solution, created to help amazon merchants increase the number of their feedbacks and reviews to boost rankings. This online management tool aims to simplify the feedback solicitation process, deliver to the right customers, for the right product at the right time. It helps automate feedback and review requests for a more convenience and time-saving management. You may choose from our professionally designed default templates or create your own suitable for your business needs.
  • Customer feedbacks are proven to be sales booster. We can’t deny that customers will need to see before deciding to purchase a product. In other words, feedbacks and reviews increase conversion. They can kill any hesitations potential clients may have about an item, or can help item determination. By giving extraordinary customer service and conveying customized email solicitations, you’re setting yourself up for more positive reviews and feedback. With higher number of reviews, oftentimes you will win the Buy Box. This is crucial for both brand proprietors and affiliates alike.
  • Seller Mobile turns the one-time patrons into frequent customers who leave you with high star reviews spouting about your phenomenal customer service. Your thorough and detailed reviews will thus turn more shoppers into buyers.
  • We’ve worked together and sent hundreds of thousands of test emails and investigated the results to see exactly what works best. From the email subject lines that ensure your messages get read by the buyer to the exact time to follow up with them, Seller Mobile leaves you with stacked reviews.

Pros of Seller Mobile Feedback

  1. Crafty yet careful requests 
    a. Selectively pick and choose feedback requests by SKU, product type, on-time delivery, destination, and so much more.
  2. The right time 
    a. Set Seller Mobile to deliver your messages at the prime time of the day when buyers are more likely to react upon your feedback requests.
  3. Crafty yet careful requests 
    a. We know the formula; more positive Amazon reviews = more sales.
  4. The right time 
    a. Seller Mobile helps you institute your brand, making you more likely to win the much-coveted Buy Box.

The Magic behind Seller Mobile

  1. Fully automated: generate positive reviews and feedback without a hassle.
  2. 100% Amazon compliant: all features are compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

What people say...

Elliot Fuster

Repricer feature saves infinite time Seller Mobile is the hub for my Amazon Marketplace. The repricer tool is amazing - I don't have to spend hours checking if a competitor has reduced pricing for one of my hundreds of products.

Antonio Kevala

FBA restock has never been easier I used to overstock Amazon for some items, while losing sales for other products, which spiked in demand and were not in my FBA inventory. Now, it is all automated and I could not be happier. More revenue!

Rashad Rogers

Support staff rocks I never expected for my API integration to run so smoothly! Thanks to Seller Mobile's support team, the process was seamless and I was able to manage my products immediately.