Feedback Tools, like the well-known Feedback Genius and Feedvisor, are great Amazon seller tools that are designed as a communication system for Amazon sellers and their customers. Furthermore, feedbacks coming from your customers are a great start in aiming for the Top of the Amazon ranks.
Now, we introduce the better and improved Sellermobile Feedback Tool. You can send customized messages to your customers anytime and how many times you want. With its features and tools, you will save numerous amounts of time and increase efficiency.

Getting Started with Sellermobile’s Feedback Automation Tool

Since Sellermobile’s Amazon Feedback Automation Tool is used for writing and sending messages to customers, you can reach out to more customers faster and more efficiently. Sellermobile will provide you with you pre-made and pre-tested email templates that you can select to send to customers. These emails have been tested by our expert Amazon team and are a great tool for all Amazon sellers. With Sellermobile’s email automation tool, your customers will receive communication in a timelier manner and it will increase your customer relations.