Running an e-commerce does not stop after you have delivered your customers’ orders. If you truly care about your business, you will make a way to get your customers’ feedback. This way you will know whether you have met their expectations or they are dissatisfied with their purchase.

Sad reality is that many Amazon merchants do not exert effort on soliciting feedback thinking that is a time-consuming task. On the other hand, people are prone to sharing their bad experience over the good one. It is easier for people to leave a negative feedback than wait for a resolution.

Importance of Amazon Feedback and Reviews

When it comes to Amazon, getting honest and positive feedback is pivotal. Potential buyers look at your feedback rating, and having a low rating may put them off. Likewise, Amazon looks into your feedback score to determine whether or not you are a trustworthy seller. A high feedback rating strengthens your authority in the platform and helps you rank higher on the search results for your items.

We round up the three most important reasons why you need to ask feedback from your Amazon buyers.

Win the Buy Box

The Seller Feedback can influence your Buy Box eligibility. Amazon keeps close watch over your seller feedback, among other factors, to distinguish your performance among your competition. If you have better feedback, you are more likely to land the Buy Box.