How to Use SellerMobile Feedback Generator Tool to Build and Advertise Brands on Amazon

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Amazon takes customer experience seriously. Other than your sales, Amazon rates your product ranking according to your seller feedback and product review scores. Meaning, this eCommerce platform depends mainly on what your customers are saying about you. In a marketplace as huge as Amazon, more positive feedback could lead to higher ranking and more chances of winning the Buy Box. This ultimately leads to more sales and higher profit margins.

With the help of an Amazon feedback tool, it becomes within the seller’s grasp to experience all these opportunities. That’s exactly what SellerMobile aims to do as well. SellerMobile’s feedback generator tool increases the feedback you receive smarter and faster through its algorithmic competencies. As a result, you get more reviews that will boost your visibility, account rankings, and sales.

But more than that, SellerMobile’s feedback generator tool can give you a competitive edge in building your brand. In today’s post, we’ll discuss how you can use our Amazon feedback tool to establish positive brand awareness among your key customers.

How can SellerMobile Amazon Feedback Tool Improve Your Brand Name

Customize Email Campaigns

This feature allows you to create different campaigns for various purposes. You can either choose a template from the library, or create your own from scratch. Either way is a good option to start building your brand.

So how do you that?

We know that Amazon’s terms of service are stringent. While you couldn’t include your domain or website address in the email, you could definitely mention your brand name.

When writing the email, start by saying,

“Hey [customer’s name],

We at [insert your brand name] care about your happiness.”

That’s subtle, simple and easy.

Then in the middle of the copy, mention your brand name again by saying,

“Here in [insert your brand name] would love to make sure we are meeting your expectations in every possible way.”

This can potentially pique your customer’s curiosity, and in turn, urge them to look for you on Google.

Another smart move to reinforce brand recognition is by adding your logo in the header so it’s the first thing people see when they open your email. Or, in the email signature so it’s the last thing they see when they scroll down.

Share Your Story

Every seller has a story. In fact, a lot of big brands, like Tom Shoes, have captivating stories enough to influence a customer’s buying decision.

Don’t be afraid to tell people the story behind your brand. Let’s say you’re selling handmade bags sourced from Guatemala. You could create a couple of different stories in your email. One, you could talk about the reasons why you have picked out Guatemala among the hundreds of regions in the world. Second, how customers could support the livelihood of people living in those areas when they purchase your bags.

You could say somewhere in the middle of your email,

“We at [insert your brand name] work with the local women of Guatemala to craft innovative and stylish bags. One sold bag goes a long way in supporting the indigenous communities of Guatemala.”

If your story is compelling enough, people will undoubtedly search for your brand online to find out more about what you do. Not only are you promoting brand awareness, you’re also engaging people outside Amazon.

As long as you are not directly telling customers to buy your product somewhere outside Amazon, you are not going against its terms of service.

Change Your Mindset

Start thinking of yourself as a product seller, not as an Amazon seller. Instill in your mind that you are only using Amazon to sell your items. Your account name is not your brand name.

You see, consumers don’t really care about your account name nor do they care about the marketplace. They care about the product you are selling and how you’re meeting their expectations. So think of yourself as a product seller of that brand.

SellerMobile Amazon feedback tool is a great avenue to talk about your product or the brand of the product you are selling.

Let’s say you’re a stay-at-home mom who just discovered an effective solution for removing furniture stains.  

You can send something that says,

“As a mom of two boys trying to keep the house in order, I found a product that effectively removes crayon marks and food stains from furniture.”

Then you could add,

“By making [insert your product or the product’s brand] available on Amazon, I would be able to help mommies to have a stain-free house.”

Telling your story this way allows customers to see you as a brand that can solve their problem.

When it comes to crafting the email, think of a certain person who is likely to buy your item. So even though you’re just starting out and don’t have a clear buyer persona yet, you could already deliver a story that targets a certain audience.

Wrapping it Up

Effective messaging is the key to building your brand. With the help of SellerMobile feedback generator tool, you can start the first point of engagement where your customers will notice you. Eventually, they will become interested in your brand through the stories you share.

You see, brand recognition takes time and if you don’t take these baby steps now, you might never be able to bring your brand right in front of your customer’s eye.

Sign up for our 30-day free trial to learn more about our Feedback Generator tool.

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