When setting up a seller account, many individuals don’t think about the possibility of getting an Amazon account suspension. After all, they are authentic sellers with genuine products to sell. So Amazon don’t have any reasons to ban them. However, selling on Amazon means abiding to a multitude of rules and agreements. This is done to protect the reputation of Amazon and maintain a satisfied customer base. The problem is many sellers don’t pay too much attention to these policies, thinking that getting an Amazon account suspension won’t happen to them.
However, Amazon becomes more stringent with every passing year. Failure to meet Amazon’s performance expectations will lead to your Amazon account suspension and subsequently termination of your sales listing. Your money will then be held for not less than 90 days as they try to cover unresolved financial issues.
With the increasing number of Amazon account suspensions every year, many sellers are finding the best solutions to keep their account safe. In three easy steps here’s how you can prevent your account from getting suspended.

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