How to Write the Best Email Subject Lines

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Everyone knows what it feels like to open up your inbox in the morning and find a large pool of emails that have compiled overnight. If you haven’t checked your email in a few days, it’s even worse. As marketing and service emails increase, our email inbox tends to become additionally cluttered. Thus, it becomes […]

5 Things to Consider When Sending Customer Emails

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As part of creating an exceptional customer experience, you have to ensure that you are communicating with your customers in a timely manner. This goes without saying that you have to keep your customer emails straightforward, relevant and interesting. Modern consumers are extremely savvy when it comes to messages that come through their inboxes, and […]

Why do Amazon feedback and reviews matter?

Feedback Importance

Running an e-commerce does not stop after you have delivered your customers’ orders. If you truly care about your business, you will make a way to get your customers’ feedback. This way you will know whether you have met their expectations or they are dissatisfied with their purchase. Sad reality is that many Amazon merchants […]