Everyone knows what it feels like to open up your inbox in the morning and find a large pool of emails that have compiled overnight. If you haven’t checked your email in a few days, it’s even worse. As marketing and service emails increase, our email inbox tends to become additionally cluttered. Thus, it becomes crucial to understand how to make your one marketing email stand apart from the daily clutter of emails.

The Significance of Email Subject Lines

Recent statistics about email marketing have revealed that 78 percent of people who receive email content never open them. The same study reported that 35 percent of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone. Essentially, it goes without saying, that good email subject lines alone can make your promotional emails stand out amongst other emails.
An email subject line should be compelling to the reader as they sift through their daily inbox. It should be catchy or witty. Here are a few tips by SellerMobile on developing relevant and effective email subject lines:

Keep your email subject short and sweet

50 characters or less. The subject line tends to cut off anyway so you want to include the most important information within the first few words.

Use a friendly “sender” name

Try to not use noreply@companyname.com. Generally, people tend to hesitate adding this to their address book, and it seems less personable and more like an automated computer-sent email.

Use personali