5 Things to Consider When Sending Customer Emails

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As part of creating an exceptional customer experience, you have to ensure that you are communicating with your customers in a timely manner. This goes without saying that you have to keep your customer emails straightforward, relevant and interesting. Modern consumers are extremely savvy when it comes to messages that come through their inboxes, and more often than not, they find ways to avoid them. Below we put together some ways to make sure your customer emails are read and actioned.

Best Practices When Sending Customer Emails

Write with a clear purpose

Be clear about what you are saying so your customers know what you want them to do. Keep your message short and to the point. The longer your content is, the less likely your customer will finish reading it or respond to it in a timely manner. If you want to ask for seller feedback or product reviews, then let them know that you would love to hear their thoughts. If you want to inform them about their order, then be sure that your email contains the specifics of their order.

Personalize your email

Customers want to be seen as an individual and not another shopper in your already large database. That said, make your customer emails highly personal.  SellerMobile Feedback Generator tool allows you to customize the message you want to send. You have the option to create one from scratch or edit an already well-written template. Either way, it is important to use your customers’ first names in the salutation and include customer-specific information throughout your email such as the item name and order tracking number.

Use a descriptive subject line

It is possible that your customers are receiving tens to hundreds of emails per day. Make sure to spend time creating a subject line that gets their attention. Now, Amazon has some stringent rules when it comes to soliciting reviews from your customers. You cannot directly ask for positive reviews or ask your customers to give you feedback if they are satisfied with your service. So this might pose some challenge. The trick here is to make your subject line sound neutral but descriptive enough that they will want to open it. An example could be “Your order has been delivered. We’d love to get your input”.   

Avoid over messaging

While reaching out to your customers as often as possible seems like the best thing to do, you will want to limit the number of emails you send them. Sending customer emails that are way beyond the right amount can annoy your customers and this may urge them to mark you as spam. If possible, limit your emails to three per customer’s order: before the order, during the order and after the delivery.

Time it well

Timing is everything, and this extends true with email. But sending messages when your customer will see them can be hard to predict. So, perform an A/B test to see which frequencies, days and times are leading to the most opens. To save you the hassle of creating customer emails, our Feedback Generator tool has a set of email campaigns you can tweak and schedule to your liking.

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