Organizing Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign

Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign

While creating an Amazon account is quick and simple, gaining brand awareness and generating sales take time and effort. You are competing with thousands of retailers selling the same products and, if you haven’t dominated the Buy Box, chances are you will not win over your target customers. Therefore, the best way to gain customers […]

Monitoring Keywords and Search Terms in Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon keywords and search terms

Amazon Sponsored Product is a type of advertisement campaign that aims to promote your products to your target customers. It involves the usage of Amazon keywords and search terms. When we say Amazon keywords, this is a word or set of words use to define your Sponsored Product’s campaign. On the other hand, search term […]

Increasing the Holiday Sales with Amazon Sponsored Products

amazon sponsored products

Quite a lot of shoppers flood the Amazon website before the holiday season to look for products they could add into their wish list. So when the right time comes, they are ready to purchase it. As an Amazon seller, increasing sales especially on a peak selling season should be a top priority. You wouldn’t […]