Monitoring Keywords and Search Terms in Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon keywords and search terms

Amazon Sponsored Product is a type of advertisement campaign that aims to promote your products to your target customers. It involves the usage of Amazon keywords and search terms.

When we say Amazon keywords, this is a word or set of words use to define your Sponsored Product’s campaign. On the other hand, search term refers to the keywords your customer inputs in a search bar whenever they search for a product. If you want to monitor the effectiveness of your keywords and search terms, make sure to follow these steps:

5 Steps for Amazon Keywords Monitoring

Step 1:

Log in to your seller central account and go to the campaign that you are running. If you don’t have any campaign yet, be sure to create one and fill out every necessary details.

Step 2:

Check the keyword list given in your campaign. It provides the number of clicks that are made by the customers using the keyword given. This shows whether your product keyword has been effective (especially if you chose automatic targeting as the type of your campaign) or not in the whole duration of the advertisement.

Step 3:

For the list of search terms, click any given keywords to redirect your page to it. Just like keywords, it also shows the number of clicks customers have made in your advertisement upon using the given search term. For search terms that seem useless in the campaign, you can move it to the negative keywords. This is an effective strategy if the given search doesn’t have any relevance in the product you are selling.

Step 4:

You can also monitor the effectiveness of your search term by downloading the report given by Amazon. The information given in the report can help you in optimizing your product advertisement.

The use of keywords and search terms in an Amazon Sponsored Product campaign is crucial since this is what generates traffic to your campaign. Keywords and search terms are two critical elements that can bring in customers to your campaign. Thus, it is important to monitor them to ensure that your campaign is successful.

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