Organizing Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign

Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign

While creating an Amazon account is quick and simple, gaining brand awareness and generating sales take time and effort. You are competing with thousands of retailers selling the same products and, if you haven’t dominated the Buy Box, chances are you will not win over your target customers. Therefore, the best way to gain customers and generate sales as quickly as possible is to take advantage of Amazon advertising campaigns.

With Amazon Sponsored Products, not only you have the opportunity to build your brand, you also expand your reach and target the right customers at the right time. It is also a cost-effective solution that allows you to spend according to your budget.

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The key to creating an effective advertisement campaign is organization. You need to be well organized when it comes to grouping similar items, choosing relevant keywords, and so on. To keep your campaign management organized from the first step down to the last, take these tips into consideration:

Organizing Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign

Step 1: Develop a Campaign

Running an effective advertisement is not possible without a campaign. This means you have to set a campaign name, budget, duration of the campaign and targeting type. Among these components, setting the average daily budget is the most important one. Make sure that your budget is aligned with the campaign duration to prevent any unexpected cut offs. To do this, get the total number of days for the campaign and divide it with the whole amount of budget you can provide.

Step 2: Group Similar Products

Once you are done, the next step requires you to group similar products together so they can share the similar keywords. The more specific you are with the grouping, the more effective your campaign will be.

Step 3: Set Bid Price

As soon as you finished organizing the products, set the bidding price for each at the ad group level. The bid refers to the amount of money you are willing to pay whenever a person clicks the advertisement and redirects him to your offer.

Step 4: Add Products

Add the products that you want to advertise into each ad groups. You can add as many products as you want. However, you should member that the products must be able to win the buy box for them to be considered in the auction.

Step 5: Choose the Targeting Type

For the keywords, there are two options for targeting campaign. You can either pick the automated one or do it manually. Selecting automatic targeting type campaign means Amazon will set the keywords for you. Choosing to do it manually gives you the opportunity to pick profitable keywords – keywords that are sure to generate large search volume.

Step 6: Track Status Campaign

The final step in organizing your Amazon sponsored products campaign involves monitoring and analyzing its status. You can never know how effective your campaign is without tracking its performance. To track the status of your Amazon sponsored products, go to campaign manager. Here you can find the click-through rates of your campaigns and you can also download reports which would help you determine whether your keywords are effective or not.

Creating an Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign is an important part of being an Amazon seller. However, it is not without a challenge. To ensure your campaigns achieve success, you have to be organized and systematic. If you need help optimizing and automating your ad campaign processes, our PPC advertising tool can help you do just that. Get in touch if you need more information.

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