Increasing the Holiday Sales with Amazon Sponsored Products

amazon sponsored products

Quite a lot of shoppers flood the Amazon website before the holiday season to look for products they could add into their wish list. So when the right time comes, they are ready to purchase it.

As an Amazon seller, increasing sales especially on a peak selling season should be a top priority. You wouldn’t want to be left behind by your competitors at all cost. With Amazon Sponsored Products, you are in a better position to improve traffic, sales and customers before you bid goodbye to 2018.

Using Amazon Sponsored Products

For those who are not familiar with the platform, Amazon Sponsored Products are pay-per-click ads that generate traffic to product detail pages in Amazon. What’s great with Amazon Sponsored Product is that it offers a cheap yet effective means for sellers to promote their products to their target customers.

This advertising platform yields the best results for your business, especially when you have maximized its use. Amazon gives you three simple steps on how you can make the most of its Sponsored Products now that the “Holiday Sales” is fast approaching:

Create your own customized advertising campaign

With Sponsored Products, you are free to choose which options you would like for your advertisement. For the holidays, it’s advisable to use the automatic targeting campaign to enable the platform to match your products to the shoppers’ searches and behavior. Early advertising campaigns for the holiday rush can help you easily determine what appeals to your customers. From there, you can fine-tune your ads as you plan for your inventory.

Let your products gain exposure from customers

With a very large number of customers, Amazon receives million of searches per second every single day. This will undoubtedly grow more once the holiday sale comes in. Using Sponsored Products is the simplest way you can advertise your products to your customers.  Once a customer clicks on the ad, they will be automatically redirected to your product’s detail page.

Know which product is right to sell

The Search Term Report, a special feature in this advertising platform, allows you to see what your customers are exactly looking for. It contains search terms that have generated at least one click on your advertisement. Using this feature, you can identify high-performing search terms, and in turn, increase your bid for even more clicks. Knowing which products get more clicks can help you in planning your inventory for the season.

Holiday sales are yet to come. If you still don’t have any plans for your inventory, you can start now by using Amazon Sponsored Products.

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