Your Guide to the New Amazon Sponsored Brands Videos


Online videos have a wide appeal and are effective at grabbing attention, especially that of decision-makers because they provide the most information in the smallest amount of time. Fortunately, video production has become more popular and accessible to the masses on the go, with shoppers carrying smartphones and devices around at all times, boosting content […]

Amazon PPC Campaigns – Budgets and Bidding Strategies

Pay Per Click Chart

by Guest Contributor: Jelena, PPC veteran at AmazoniaPPC. If you’ve ever set up a PPC campaign on Amazon you already know that there are a couple of mandatory elements to every campaign: start date, campaign name, targeting type, bidding strategy, and daily budget. There are some of the most common misconceptions about how daily budgets […]

Organizing Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign

Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign

While creating an Amazon account is quick and simple, gaining brand awareness and generating sales take time and effort. You are competing with thousands of retailers selling the same products and, if you haven’t dominated the Buy Box, chances are you will not win over your target customers. Therefore, the best way to gain customers […]

Amazon PPC 101: A Quick and Easy Guide to Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC ads

If you’re a beginner seller on Amazon, you’re probably wondering how to advertise your products on Amazon. If you’re a seasoned seller, you might be looking for a way to stand out on Amazon. Regardless of where you are, the solution is Amazon PPC ads. So, how exactly does Amazon PPC advertising work? The easiest […]