If you’re a beginner seller on Amazon, you’re probably wondering how to advertise your products on Amazon. If you’re a seasoned seller, you might be looking for a way to stand out on Amazon. Regardless of where you are, the solution is Amazon PPC ads.

So, how exactly does Amazon PPC advertising work?

The easiest explanation goes like this: Amazon sellers bid on keywords. The seller with the highest bid and best ad quality wins the keyword. When a buyer searches that certain keyword, the seller who won the keyword will appear on the search results page.

However, Amazon advertising is more than just that. In fact, Amazon ads come in three types: Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads and Product Display Ads.

Sponsored Product Ads

This is the best example of Amazon PPC advertising. Sponsored Product Ads show up in several places around the Amazon website, and are often displayed in search results. You may confuse them with regular product listings. What set these ads apart is that there is a gray “sponsored” label at the top of the item’s title. Sponsored Product Ads also appear on the side bar, in the middle of the page, and on other’s product detail pages.

With Sponsored Product Ads, you only pay when a customer clicks on your ads. If you’re familiar already with Google PPC advertising, working your way through this type of Amazon advertising comes easy. Once a customer clicks on your ad, they’ll be directed to your product details page where they can buy the