Best Remote Jobs During COVID-19

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By Guest Contributor: Artur Meyster, Career Karma Remote work has become more attractive during the COVID-19 pandemic as people continue practicing social distancing and some in-person jobs remain unsafe. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries and led to companies laying off millions of workers, leading to an enormous spike in the unemployment rate in […]

Amazon PPC Campaigns – Budgets and Bidding Strategies

Pay Per Click Chart

by Guest Contributor: Jelena, PPC veteran at AmazoniaPPC. If you’ve ever set up a PPC campaign on Amazon you already know that there are a couple of mandatory elements to every campaign: start date, campaign name, targeting type, bidding strategy, and daily budget. There are some of the most common misconceptions about how daily budgets […]

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Stay Protected From Data Breaches

Data Breach Hacker

By Guest Contributor: Lindsey Weiss It seems like every other week a major corporation or organization is targeted by a data breach. But corporate CEOs aren’t the only ones who need to be worried about information security because the majority of online attacks actually target small businesses. So if you own a smaller company, here […]

Taking Your Abandoned Cart Campaign to the Next Level

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by Guest Contributor: Matt Wiese at CartStack You already know that cart abandonment is a big problem for e-commerce stores, with an average seven out of ten potential customers leaving your website before paying. But do you know the latest tactics for taking your abandoned cart campaign to the next level? If your customer recovery […]