Best Remote Jobs During COVID-19

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By Guest Contributor: Artur Meyster, Career Karma

Remote work has become more attractive during the COVID-19 pandemic as people continue practicing social distancing and some in-person jobs remain unsafe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries and led to companies laying off millions of workers, leading to an enormous spike in the unemployment rate in several countries. 

Yet, there are still companies out there looking to hire talent for Tech Jobs, many of them remote as this has become the best option for them to stay afloat. 

If you’re looking for a job during the pandemic, we’re here to show you some of the best remote job positions you can apply for during COVID-19.

Healthcare Specialist

Medical personnel are key to battling the COVID-19 pandemic and have become heroes in the eyes of many as the fight continues to overcome the situation and aid those in hospitals. But the healthcare positions available right now are not only within hospitals. There are also telemedicine professionals who work remotely to assist patients in situations when they can’t go to a hospital. 

Since many clinics and hospitals are overloaded with patients, telemedicine is the most immediate response for people who need medical help. That’s why there are so many telemedicine companies hiring remote healthcare professionals to work in different areas such as healthcare information specialists, medical transcribers or research scientists.

Software Development

As mentioned, telemedicine companies are expanding to meet increased demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. A significant number of users subscribe to telemedicine plans these days. These companies therefore not only require healthcare and medical staff but are also in need of software engineers to build, maintain, and update their platforms. This is why the demand for software developers has continued during the pandemic.


Education is another industry that has found a way to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many schools, universities, and Coding Bootcamps are switching to a remote model to ensure students can continue their studies. If you’re looking for remote work, having the ability to lead training sessions will now come in handy.

Project Manager

FlexJobs has listed Project Management as one of the most in-demand jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. This job is a leadership position and managers must ensure every member of their team is doing their job correctly. 

The project manager must make sure people meet deadlines, project specifications, and remain within budgets. If you want to become a certified project manager, there are great Project Management Bootcamps, such as Thinkful’s or Kenzie Academy’s courses. Most of these courses are online and they offer flexible payment methods. 

Web Development

With many cities still implementing lockdowns or social distancing regulations, customers are continuing to turn to online shopping to secure products they need. Online shopping was already growing before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, but it has significantly increased since then. That’s why we’ve selected Web Development as one of the best jobs to work on during the pandemic. 

To work as a web developer, you need to have coding and design skills. Some of the programming languages you’ll use as a web development professional are HTML, CSS or JavaScript. 

Customer Service 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are still in need of help and that’s why if you go to Indeed or LinkedIn, you’ll notice that there are many companies hiring customer service specialists to deal with higher volumes of calls. Customer service specialists are professionals in the Digital Marketing field and help customers find answers to their requests.

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