Amazon Reports

Reports, Reports – As important as they are, we do not all enjoy creating them. When you integrate your merchant / seller accounts with Seller Mobile, we will give you access to our Reports tool. This tool will provide you with every report you could possibly need. No more manual typing, excel entries or manual bar chart creations needed.

With Seller Mobile’s tool you can track all of your product and marketplace performance from one location. We will track your orders, inventory, products, listings, keywords, profitability, stock counts, loss of sales, refunds and more across all marketplaces / integrated merchant accounts.

Seller Mobile’s Reports Tool will get you access to…

Custom Dashboards

  • Customizable based on the marketplace / merchant account you wish to access
  • View sales / key performance
  • View sales by number of order / number of items
  • Details on margins on orders
  • Order summary by the hour

Market Insights

  • Breakdown by item: analyzing cost, price, and re-pricing history
  • AFN / FBA revenue by item, cancelled orders, daily revenue
  • Summaries based on type of shipment service requested
  • ASIN performance in advertising / marketing

Product Insights

  • Which product is performing best vs. not selling well (Top impact items vs. Top lost sales by ASIN)
  • Sales numbers based on product, size, color, etc.
  • Products in inventory vs. out-of-stock (FBA inventory)
  • Sales by ASIN
  • Restocking reports: by supplier and by item
  • Keyword reports

Custom Reports

  • Can customize reports based on the data collected by Seller Mobile
  • Reports customizable for sales, product, channel and / or customer information
  • Can set to generate one-time or recurring

What people say...

Elliot Fuster

Repricer feature saves infinite time Seller Mobile is the hub for my Amazon Marketplace. The repricer tool is amazing - I don't have to spend hours checking if a competitor has reduced pricing for one of my hundreds of products.

Antonio Kevala

FBA restock has never been easier I used to overstock Amazon for some items, while losing sales for other products, which spiked in demand and were not in my FBA inventory. Now, it is all automated and I could not be happier. More revenue!

Rashad Rogers

Support staff rocks I never expected for my API integration to run so smoothly! Thanks to Seller Mobile's support team, the process was seamless and I was able to manage my products immediately.