Whether there is a huge holiday sales coming up or you are preparing for the new quarter, keeping your inventories in stock should be a priority. Shipping your products to Amazon fulfillment centers on a timely manner is also a must. As you proceed to these tasks, make sure you meet these certain requirements and condition from Amazon, including:

  • FBA Product Bar Code Requirements—each item you send requires a bar code.
  • FBA Prep Requirements—products must be properly prepared to keep it in good condition.
  • FBA Shipment Safety Requirements—products that are shipped must not be too heavy or too large.
  • FBA Box Content Information—providing accurate content information for each product will prevent Amazon to open your boxes one by one.

In the recent Amazon FBA update, it was stated that providing the weight of the product in the manufacturer’s original packaging is obligatory.

Amazon FBA Update: Why is it required?

Since it is now added in the list of FBA requirement, Amazon sellers are obliged to provide this information within their packages. If not, then suspension would likely occur or Amazon would ref