For you to successfully market your products in the Amazon marketplace, creating high-quality listings is a must. Your product listing is where you lay out all the necessary information and unique features about your offering so you can entice shoppers to make a purchase. One of the most important parts in the process of making your listing is to write Amazon product titles that are not only eye-catching but are also well-optimized. So how exactly do you do that?

The Internet offers a multitude of tips and guidelines on how to write Amazon product titles that attract customers and convert sales. While making short and concise titles is seemingly contradictory to what most sellers would think of, this is the appropriate way to write your Amazon product title, as Amazon itself does it and recommends it too.

How to Write Amazon Product Titles

Amazon has limited the characters for product title into 200 words. This could mean that short titles are the perfect way for optimizing your listings. As you write Amazon product titles, focus on using words that best describe your product. Do not stuff it with keywords nor include irrelevant terms, as this can only cause confusion among your customers.

Here are other elements to take into account:

  • Brand name of the product
  • Model, color, type and other words that can help customers in distinguishing your products from your competitors
  • Size (if applicable), package quantity and other measurements that