Amazon Keyword Update


The news is out! Amazon sellers may already know by now that the latest search terms for your keywords have now been lessened to only 250 bytes. If you go over that amount in your Search Terms Field, you’ll be instantly notified about the excess bytes on the Keywords tab in Seller Central. The said notice will remind you to stick to the 250 bytes policy recently imposed by Amazon.

The Amazon Search Term Field

Making use of the most relevant keywords for your products is essential in driving potential customers to your page when they do a product search on Amazon. The Search Terms Field shows which keywords are capable of displaying your products in the Amazon search list. The Amazon Search Term attribute is made specifically for sellers to help them achieve higher Amazon rankings for their products, as well as their business.

Optimizing Amazon Keywords for your Search Term Field

A 250-byte limit doesn’t necessarily mean that you can enter 250 characters in your Search Terms Field as there are special characters that take up more than 1 byte. Here are some tips you can follow to better optimize your Search Terms:

  • Do not include your product’s ASIN in your search terms.
  • Put relevant keywords in your product.
  • Do not repeat keywords.
  • Avoid using punctuation marks.
  • Do not input your title, brand name, and other brand names.
  • Use spaces to separate each word.
  • Do not use offensive or abusive terms.
  • Avoid inaccurate information about your product.
  • Stay under the length limit.
  • Do not provide inconsistent keywords. Stick to using singular words if it is singular, and plural words if it’s plural.

Keywords are very important in ranking up your sales. Learning a thing or two about your existing customers and also potential ones in terms of their buying history, geolocation, and other useful information will help you decide in choosing the best keywords to use for your products. SellerMobile offers tools that you can use to better equip you with unique advantages in the area of analytics. Remember to keep your keywords relevant and always follow the rules enforced by Amazon.

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