With so many niches and products to choose from, finding what to sell on Amazon can be tough.  

The competition is fiercer than ever! This is why choosing what to sell on Amazon is a strategy in and of itself. Failing to sell a profitable product could end you up wasting a ton of money and time. Selling in a market that is too competitive could end you up falling behind the competition. Picking the right product is what will determine your success or failure when selling on Amazon 

But truth is, product research and selection is the most overwhelming and time consuming process. It could probably drive you crazy. In fact, many aspiring Amazon sellers quit the business before mastering it. Forget the nice packaging. Ignore the catchy brand name. Shrug off your social media following. 

Although all these are essential, the most important thing you must get right from start is what you are going to sell. 

How EXACTLY do you find the best product to sell on Amazon? 

#1: Scratch Your Own Itch 

This is something entrepreneurs and business owners have done for centuries. If you’ve got a pr