We couldn’t reiterate enough that Amazon puts emphasis on customer experience among all other things. As an Amazon seller, it is one of your responsibilities to offer your customers the best experience possible. An easy way of doing that is by communicating with them in a timely manner through feedback and review solicitation.

However, this doesn’t mean that you would ask for seller feedback or product reviews whenever you want it. There is a handful of Amazon product review guidelines you have to follow to ensure that reviews remain helpful, honest and true. Failing to follow the Amazon product review guidelines puts your account to risk of suspension or permanent closure.

Potential Consequences of Breaking the Rules as Outlined By Amazon

  • Immediate and permanent withdrawal of the seller’s selling privileges on Amazon and withholding of funds.
  • The removal of all the product’s reviews and preventing the product from receiving future reviews or ratings.
  • Permanent delisting of the product from Amazon.
  • Legal action against the seller, including lawsuits and referral to civil and criminal enforcement authorities.
  • Disclosing the seller’s name and other related information publicly.