5 Effective Ways for Growing Your Amazon Business


Selling on Amazon helps you generate a regular stream of passive income for you and your family. With hard work and dedication, you’ll be able to attain success in this gigantic marketplace. On top of that, understanding the best strategies for selling on Amazon and honing your processes will allow you to reach greater heights. […]

Expand your Amazon Business in Five Steps


Selling on Amazon or any other online selling platforms is great as it can generate a regular stream of passive income for you and your family. Success in this kind of business will come to play if you put enough time and effort to consistently manage your store in the best way possible. It doesn’t […]

Monitoring Keywords and Search Terms in Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon keywords and search terms

Amazon Sponsored Product is a type of advertisement campaign that aims to promote your products to your target customers. It involves the usage of Amazon keywords and search terms. When we say Amazon keywords, this is a word or set of words use to define your Sponsored Product’s campaign. On the other hand, search term […]

Amazon Keyword Update


The news is out! Amazon sellers may already know by now that the latest search terms for your keywords have now been lessened to only 250 bytes. If you go over that amount in your Search Terms Field, you’ll be instantly notified about the excess bytes on the Keywords tab in Seller Central. The said […]

Improving Amazon Keywords for your Business


If you want your product to appear on the first page of the Amazon search list then you need to start improving your Amazon Keywords. Discover some ways on how you can optimize your keywords for the sake of your business. Every listing is enriched with keywords that are essential so that your product is […]