Amazon helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to market their goods by providing ready access to a large customer market. To register and access the market, there are myriad rules and agreements to bind to. This is done to protect the reputation of Amazon and maintain a satisfied customer base.
Failure to these performance expectations will lead to your account suspension and subsequently termination of your sales listing. Your money will then be held for not less than 90 days as they try to cover unresolved financial issues.
We at SellerMobile know what this will result into if your business relies on Amazon as the primary business conduit. You will probably panic if the closure is permanent. However, you can still file for a petition to have your account reinstated. This is not easy and your account will be scrutinized for a period of time after being reinstated.
To prevent your Amazon account suspension, regularly review the agreements and rules as guidelines and procedures can change without an official notification. You should monitor your customer metrics as compared to the performance with Amazon’s seller performance targets and ascertain whether you are hitting the expected benchmarks. Make sure subs